GPO Binoculars

German Precision Optics are a relatively new company founded by Richard Schmidt - the former CEO of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics and the optical designer responsible for many of Zeiss' best known binoculars. 

All GPO's binoculars are designed in Germany then manufactured to their specification in China or Japan. 

GPO Passion ED binoculars are made in China and represent the best available from that country. 

GPO Passion HD binoculars are made in Japan and are comparable with models from the very best premium brands! 

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GPO Passion ED 32mm Binoculars
GPO Passion ED 42mm Binoculars
GPO Passion 56mm Binoculars
GPO Passion HD 42mm Binoculars
GPO Passion HD 50mm Binoculars

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