StarAid Revolution Standalone Autoguider
StarAid Revolution Standalone AutoguiderStarAid Revolution Standalone AutoguiderStarAid Revolution Standalone AutoguiderStarAid Revolution Standalone Autoguider

StarAid Revolution Standalone Autoguider

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StarAid Revolution Standalone Autoguider

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About this product

Model:  staraid_rev_b
Part Number:  1485001

Stand-alone autoguider with automatic polar alignment, built-in plate solving and camera control.

Latest Revision B version

Make astrophotography a hassle-free experience with the world’s first stand-alone autoguider with camera control and dithering, comet tracking,  AI-powered automatic polar alignment and built-in plate-solving.  Easy set-up, sharper photos, exceptional reliability.

Polar alignment in 2 minutes - Point your telescope up at the sky. No need to have a view on the poles. StarAid Revolution will determine the exact coordinates to set the axes of your mount to. Adjust the mount knobs as indicated in the StarAid app. That’s it. No polar scope, no awkward crouching.

Start guiding within 30 seconds - Plug in the cable, then lean back and enjoy a warm drink. StarAid Revolution starts up and operates autonomously. It resumes when clouds pass by, and tracks and keeps stars centred at high accuracy.

Fix guiding errors immediately and with ease - If guiding is interrupted, the LED lights will immediately indicate that. Open the StarAid app on your phone or tablet, check the reason of the error. Read the solution and fix it right away. No complicated software needed.

Guide and photograph comets - Select a comet from the object guiding catalogue, point your telescope, and start photographing. StarAid keeps the comet centred, allowing you to take long uninterrupted sub-exposures.

Control your camera, dithering between shots - StarAid Revolution (Revision B) provides a standard 2.5mm camera shutter port that is supported by most DSLR and mirrorless camera models. Once StarAid has control over your camera’s remote shutter release, you can configure the exposure time of your camera and the number of shots you want to take. Dithering between shots is fully supported, reducing noise and artifacts in your images.

Stand-alone autoguiding, handy app for extras - No laptop or any other device needed for set-up or for monitoring the status of autoguiding. Connect StarAid Revolution to start, plug in the power and be up and running in seconds. Open the free app to check the status of guiding whenever you like, and to access advanced functionality.

Get up to 30% sharper photos - StarAid Revolution tracks dozens of stars simultaneously, many times per second. It automatically tweaks and tunes when needed. A clever algorithm detects and reduces seeing effects. These ensure the best guiding circumstances and sharpest pictures.


  • Automatic AI-powered polar alignment
  • Fully autonomous, multi-star tracking
  • Tracks and keeps stars centered at high accuracy
  • Comet tracking
  • Camera control with dithering
  • Powered directly with a USB charger or power bank (not included) via the Splitter
  • 2 LED lights indicate status of guiding
  • No laptop needed – control and troubleshoot with your smartphone
  • Integrated WiFi
  • Only one cable for easier set-up and less flexure
  • Compact design
  • Anti-dust, no-fingerprint housing
  • Connects with any other equipment you have


What's in the box


Sensor Sony IMX290LL monochrome STARVIS CMOS
Resolution 1920 x 1080 @ 12bit
QE (peak) 75%
Read noise 0.72e-
Pixel Size 2.9µm
Size 1/2.8"
Power & Connectivity
  • USB 2.0 via USB-C jack (power + data)[1]
  • WiFi
Telescope ST-4 compatible guide port
Power input USB-C jack, DC 5V, 1A or better. Compatible with most chargers and power banks. PC and Laptop USB ports not supported![2]
Power consumption 1.2W (active), 2.5W (peak)
Optical Interfaces
  • Ø 31.65mm (1¼”) x 12 mm standard ocular, or
  • C-mount lens via C-mount adaptor[4]
Filter 1¼” filter thread
Camera DSLR or mirrorless camera shutter control via 2.5 mm adaptor cable[3]
Storage temperature (air) -20C - +60C
Operating temperature (air) -15C - +40C
Storage relative humidity 20% - 95%
Operating relative humidity 20% - 80%
Diameter 39mm
Length 63mm
Weight 70 gram
Drawing PDF


[1] The USB-C jack on the StarAid Revolution can provide data and power via PC and laptop USB ports, as well as most chargers and power banks.
[2] The USB-C jack on the Splitter can provide power only, and supports most chargers and power banks, but no PC and laptop USB ports.
[3] Refer to your camera vendor for a suitable 2.5mm remote shutter release cable.
[4] Sold separately.

Downloads / Manuals

Quickstart Guide (PDF)

Disclaimer and Warranty (PDF)

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Staraid revolution
30 November 2022  | 

Haven't opened the box yet, it arrived very promptly and as described 🤔


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