HitecAstro Mount Hub Pro V4
 HitecAstro Mount Hub Pro V4HitecAstro Mount Hub Pro V4 

HitecAstro Mount Hub Pro V4

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About this product

Model:  ha_mount_hub_pro-v4
Part Number:  HiTecAstroHubProV4

HitecAstro Mount Hub Pro V4

This V4 model includes several new features and upgrades. 
  • The all new aluminium housing is now far more robust and compact
  • Includes a 6 port integrated USB 2.0 hub.
  • Includes 4 PC Controllable power outputs with solid state Mosfet transistors.  These can now be preprogrammed to automatically turn on (or off) when the device is first powered so you can retain the "always on" functionality which many of our users enjoy.  Of course all ports can be toggled on and off via software. Each output is rated to 7A.
  • 3 controllable dew ports, 2 of which can be used to control an electroluminescence (EL) panel without flickering. Max rating 7A
  • Voltage monitor which displays the loaded voltage.  This is the voltage which the device is operating at.  A heavy load of devices will cause the voltage to drop on your power supply.  You can now see this visually in our software.
  • All power and dew ports now have a current monitor which measures (in amps) how much power each of your devices is consuming.  There is also separate monitoring of the USB current being consumed.
  • All power ports have individually selectable software fuses which will turn a device off if it consumes more than a preset limit.  This would be useful for example if your mount snagged and the motors started to strain.  It may help avoid damage to your equipment.  (note:  this feature is designed to help safeguard your equipment, however we cannot take responsibility for the use of this feature.
  • Choice to use Stepper or DC focus motor (we still recommend stepper motor for precise focusing). Compatible with any unipolar stepper motor.  Compatible with Robofocus, Moonlite and Lakeside focusers.  Feather touch focusers can also be used with a current limiting adaptor.
  • Included temperature probe displays the ambient temperature in software.
  • Temperature compensated focusing enabled on the stepper motor controller.
  • Reverse polarity protection (tested to 100amps).
  • Fused at 15A (Max Output).

Manual and Drivers can be downloaded from the following Link


What's in the box

Whats In The Box

  • MHP V4 Unit
  • 4 power cables (1m)
  • Mounting Bracket Set
  • Temperature Sensor (1m cable)
  • Power input cable (flexible high quality silicon cable)

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HitecAstro Mount Hub Pro V4 - Working well
Sunday, 14 March 2021  | 

OK, letís get the obvious point out of the way first. This is expensive. For me, I saw this as a way to simplify my session setup time and to vastly improve my cable management, which was becoming ridiculous. In this respect, it has worked very well. I now have the Mount Hub Pro v4 permanently fixed on top of the Tube Rings under the Guide Scope using the provided bracket. I have had issues connecting my iOptron GEM45, however. Firstly, the integrated iPolar scope will not work through the hub, and so I need to connect this directly to my laptop during polar alignment. No big deal. Also, the mount wonít directly to the hub, however, this is easily remedied by adding a cheap unpowered 4-way USB hub between the GEM45 mount and the Mount Hub. Again, no big deal. The software is good, simple to use and reliable. So, is it worth the cost? Well, that is for each person to judge for themselves based on individual needs. For me, it has made a huge difference, and I wouldnít want to go back to the jumbled cabling mess of before. If it helps me to eliminate those occasional nights when Iím plagued with random connectivity issues, it will be worth every penny.

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HitecAstro Mount Hub Pro V4
Tuesday, 20 October 2020  | 

First of all let me just start by saying first class service from FLO, item was delivered the day after ordering. The Mount Hub Pro V4 does exactly what it is supposed to especially with the cable management issue, it would be nice if somehow it could be upgraded with a wireless dongle to eliminate the need for a cable from the laptop all together.

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O wow.
Thursday, 14 May 2020  | 

I baulked at the price of this item and I only really bought it because I needed the USB hub; but, oh wow, I should have bought it before. I bought a Nevada switch-mode power supply to feed it and together they offer perfect power control for all my accessories. The only thing that disappointed me was there were no comprehensive setup instructions in the box and when I plugged everything in I expected them to light up, but they didn't. This is because you need to go to the HitecAstro website and download the software that runs it - but I had to work that out for myself. As soon as I had done that, perfect. It is an awful lot of money; but if you need a dew controller and a focus controller and a central power supply for 4 items and a USB hub then this things gives it to you in one piece of kit that is very light and compact. And just for a change, it is British made, not Chinese.


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