HitecAstro EQDIR adapter for EQMOD

HitecAstro EQDIR adapter for EQMOD


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Model:  HitecAstro_EQDIR-2
Brand:  HitecAstro

New convenient design with electronics built into plug and no need for separate USB lead. 

This new compact and convenient EQDIR adapter allows direct connection of Skywatcher EQ5 PRO, HEQ5 Syntrek/PRO, NEQ6 Syntrek/PRO, AZ EQ6-GT and EQ8 mounts to your laptop. 

The EQMOD project consists of a suite of open source applications that bypasses the hand-controller and communicates directly with the mount's stepper motor controller.

2m cable length.  

Compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10. 

Windows 8 users, please download this Windows 8 Driver (zip) and read these installation instructions (pdf). 

Using EQMod article by Steve Richards

EQMOD website

EQMOD User Group  

NOTE: The Skywatcher EQ5 PRO, HEQ5 PRO/Syntrek, , AZ EQ5-GT, AZ EQ6-GT and EQ8 mounts all use the same HitecAstro EQDIR adapter so if you upgrade from one to another you will not need an additional EQDIR adapter. 

There are currently no specifications available for this product.

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great product
Tuesday, 9 August 2016  | 

Have just got mine today. Working within 5 minutes in windows 10 using windows 8 drivers.
So much more control especially for photography where pec can be programmed using autoguiding.
Just remember the mount must be turned on before telling eqmod to detect it.
Thumb screws and a better plastic cover would help quality wise.

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Great when you get it going
Thursday, 14 April 2016  | 

This took some work to get the drivers installed. It doesn't work out the box for Windows 7. These devices now appear to use the Prolific chipset and not the FTDI previously used (and documented everywhere).

Google for vid_067b&pid_2303&rev_0300 driver windows 7 and get the USB device drivers there.

Once installed go to Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound and then select Device Manager. Find "Ports (COM & LPT) Prolific.

Double click and set baud to 9600. Then click "Advanced" and make sure you slide the two TX and RX buffers to LOW.

Then, in EQMod settings ensure 9600 baud is in use.

Hope this helps others and enjoy.

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Good while it lasted
Friday, 22 January 2016  | 

Mine lasted just over a year, what with the british weather and building an observatory for 9 months of that, that's very little use. Disappointing quality.

FLO Response: Sorry to hear about this, please contact us to arrange a replacement

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Friday, 27 March 2015  | 

I made my own EQMOD USB cable using components I bought online for about 10. Can't see what I did wrong but I just couldn't get my laptop to recognise it (cleared COM ports, latest drivers installed). So I went ahead and bought one of these. Plugged it in and it worked straight away since I already had the prolific drivers installed. EQMOD connected no problems and the mount slewed. Wish I'd bought the proper cable straight away

Rating (max 5):  
Works as expected, but tough to get out of the mount.
Monday, 19 January 2015  | 

This works fine with my WinXP laptop and my AZ-EQ6 mount. The only issue I have is that it is a bit finicky to get XP to recognize the device and it took a couple of attempts to recognize the device. Once it had found it once it was able to recognize it straight away from then on (regardless of whether I plugged the cable into the laptop directly, or via a powered USB hub).

The RJ45 plug is protected by a plastic shield to ensure that you can not accidentally break off the retaining clip (which is a fairly common issue with RJ45 cables). Unfortunately the plastic that makes up the shield goes hard when it gets cold and it is extremely difficult to remove the cable at the end of a cold night of imaging.

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Thursday, 13 February 2014  | 

It just works. Installed the drivers first then plugged it into a USB port. Opened up EQMOD - Laptop connected to mount. Running Windows 7.

I say freedom because you can do so much more then the handset. Actually I haven't looked back!

As another reviewer has said - There should be thumb screws instead of just screws. Hence why I've given 4 stars.

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"The" way to control your mount
Tuesday, 24 September 2013  | 

I personally left the SynScan Hand Controller behind over six months ago and it was the best move I have made in astrophotography. The extra flexibility of control, alignment and object database are fantastic and is something you really should get into if your mount is supported for ASCOM control.

Regarding this EQDirect cable, I actually already owned one before buying this on First Light Optics. I had an old version that was basically a box that needed a separate USB lead. As soon as I saw this new version here though, I ordered it and it was well-worth it. The EQDirect interface is contained in the small USB connector and so reduces the risks of damage and is very compact and an all-in-one cable. Moreover, the cable itself has plenty of length at 2 metres. Well worth the buy!

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Drivers must be installed
Thursday, 29 August 2013  | 

A great product but the only minor quibble is that I spent an hour in frustration trying to get EQMOD to see the adapter. Hence only 4 stars. No instruction sheet came with it so I didn't realise I needed to install a driver for Windows XP (it's probably the case for other versions of Windows as well. There's a download link for Windows 8 on the FLO info tab for this product but not for Windows XP. I ended up going to the Support page of HitecAstro and the driver link is there. As soon as I had done that, EqDir worked flawlessly.

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what driver for windows 8???
Friday, 17 May 2013  | 

I jumped at the chance to get this new windows 8 compatible eqdir adapter after finding out my new win 8 laptop was not compatible with the previous eqdir adapter. Got it and I still cannot get hooked up to work on my win 8 laptop. Previous reviewer said they got it working after finding the "right" driver. Why is there not a link to what I need flo? This has 1 star only because I cant give less...I am so disappointed in wasting more of my time trying to conect something to win 8 which IS NOT COMPATIBLE!!!

FLO Response: The Windows 8 driver and installation instructions can be downloaded from the 'product info' page above

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Works a treat!
Wednesday, 1 May 2013  | 

Install the "right" drivers, plug in the HitecAstro EQDIR and turn on the mount and away you go. I found this easy to setup in WIndows 8 after tracking down the right drivers. Seems very stable - used for 3 sessons (9 hours) so far with no issues. Would give it 5 stars but I dont like the little screws that fix to the mount port - should have been thumb screws. As it is you need a small screwdrver if you want to remove it when you pack up at the end of a session.

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