Howie Glatter Laser Battery Cap / Switch Upgrade with Dimmer Control

Howie Glatter Laser Battery Cap / Switch Upgrade with Dimmer Control

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Model:  Glatter-vlb-cap
Part Number:  SI-VLB

Howie Glatter Laser collimator battery cap / switch upgrade with built in potentiometer that allows you to dial down the laser brightness to produce a tiny beam impact.

Allows for much greater precision in the secondary adjustments.

Image shows cap by itself and fitted to a laser collimator - collimator not included! ;-)

Example images below show the laser used at full brightness and then dialled down using the adjustable dimmer.

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03 February 2019  | 

nice unit--very well constructed. nice firm feel on rotation, with good positive click--off.. one thing i must draw attention to though is.. the nose unit-with the contacts and mounting thread , does remind me of a petrol engine spark plug.
it is a very nice bit of c-lathe turning--but on mine,the thread was too long..when the switch was secured all way in..the centre contact touches the battery terminal--preventing the laser from shutting off.. i cured this by fitting a
fibre washer on the thread..thus lifting the contact away from the battery.. it may be just my laser --a standard 1/25" unit--but my fix does work..
apart from this--the unit is great, works very well by dimming the beam down to nothing-so lots of different settings can be used. hope this helps ...
kindest regards--Garreth

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Well worth the wait!
26 November 2018  | 

For the first time I have managed to accurately collimate my 10" RC scope. Without the dimmer the spot coming off the secondary merges with the bright main beam coming out of the laser. With the dimmer you can clearly see both spots separately and move the reflected ray exactly on top of the main.

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Mandatory if you buy the high brightness
29 April 2018  | 

My 2" laser was too bright when I collimated at night. This adjuster solved the issue as it allows you control the full range of brightness of the laser by turning the dial. Just buy the standard brightness laser!

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Excellent Edition
07 April 2017  | 

I have the brightess 2 inch green lazer and have really being struggling with collimation on my RC8 telescope. Now with this attactment and replacement of the wobbly on and off button I was able to collimate the RC8 and get wonderful results.

I definitely recommend this product if you are struggling with collimation and is definitely a upgrade to the original on and off button that feels very weak and will break.


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