iOptron iPolar Electronic Polarscope for Celestron AVX / CG5 Mounts & Sky-Watcher EQ5 Mounts
iOptron iPolar Electronic Polarscope for Celestron AVX / CG5 Mounts & Sky-Watcher EQ5 MountsiOptron iPolar Electronic Polarscope for Celestron AVX / CG5 Mounts & Sky-Watcher EQ5 MountsiOptron iPolar Electronic Polarscope for Celestron AVX / CG5 Mounts & Sky-Watcher EQ5 Mounts

iOptron iPolar Electronic Polarscope for Celestron AVX / CG5 Mounts & Sky-Watcher EQ5 Mounts

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About this product

Model:  iop_ipolar_3339-avx
Part Number:  3339-AVX

Introductory Price - new iOptron iPolar - a high precision, easy to use electronic polarscope!

Includes adapter for Celestron AVX / CG5 Mounts & Sky-Watcher EQ5 Mounts

The new iOptron iPolar electronic polarscope is a quick, easy way to accurately polar align your mount, even when you cannot see the pole star!

Accurate polar alignment has never been so simple, just put the 'X' on the 'Spot'! Well the 'X' does look more like a '+' and the 'Spot' isn't there but instead a representation of the celestial pole's location. Using the iPolar's graphical interface, the two overlaid symbols represent a precise polar alignment ensuring peak performance from your equatorial mount.

The iPolar utilises an electronic camera aligned with both the axes of your telescope mount. The software processes the camera images calculating the true pole's location, then guides you through adjustments needed to align your mount to the celestial pole. Gone will be the days of crouching behind a 'through the mount' polar scope, the iPolar facilitates making altitude and azimuth adjustments by just glancing at your laptops monitor. This system needs as few as four stars to locate the pole, and can do so even when the pole location itself is blocked by clouds, tree branches or other obstructions.

iPolar electronic polarscopes are available for most iOptron and other brand equatorial mounts.


  • Fast and easy to use
  • High precision (30 arcsec)
  • No need to see the Pole Star
  • No need to rotate the mount during alignment
  • Unique imaging enhancement technique
  • Smart plate solving
  • On screen instruction during alignment
  • Works even under poor sky conditions
  • Compatible with most equatorial mount with a proper adapter
  • The iPolar software needs Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or later version, 32 bit or 64 bit operation system, with .NET Framework 4.6 or later version. 

What makes iPolar unique?

  • Easily installed inside the RA shaft on all iOptron equatorial mounts (except SmartEQ Pro)
  • Can be used on any mount with adapters either internally or externally
  • USB plug and play (no drivers needed)
  • Works globally - no need to set hemisphere
  • Works without visible Polaris (Northern Hemisphere) or Sigma Octantis (Southern Hemisphere)
  • No need to rotate the mount during polar alignment

Currently Supported Mounts:

  • iOptron CEM120/CEM120EC/CEM120EC2
  • iOptron CEM60/CEM60EC
  • iOptron CEM40/CEM40EC
  • iOptron CEM25/CEM25EC/ZEQ25
  • iOptron iEQ45Pro/iEQ45
  • iOptron iEQ30Pro/iEQ30
  • iOptron SkyGuider Pro
  • iOptron SkyGuider
  • iOptron SkyTracker ProCe
  • iOptron SkyTracker
  • Sky-Watcher NEQ6 / AZ-EQ6
  • Sky-Watcher HEQ5
  • Celestron AVX / CG5
  • Celestron CGEM
  • Takahashi


Field of View (FOV) ~ 13 degree
Resolution 30 arcsec approx.
Alignment Precision 30 arcsec
Interface Mini USB2.0
Software iPolar Software
Operation System Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10, 32bit or 64 bit
Warranty Two year limited

Downloads / Manuals


iPolar Operation Manual 
Installation-CEM25 (#3339-025) 
Installation-CEM60 Internal (#3339A-060) 
Installation-SkyGuider Pro (#3339R-SGP) 

Software and Driver: 

iPolar Software 

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Proper little time saver
16 September 2023  | 

My first experience of this device was on my CEM26 which proved so successful I just had to buy one for my EQM-35. I now polar align within a couple of minutes allowing me the remaining time to photograph.

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So easy
12 May 2022  | 

Well as a complete novice, I thought I'd give it a go. Watched a couple of tutorials on YT and it seemed pretty much fool proof.
Well after giving it a try I can say it really is easy to use. The software it uses is fine, although I did have some grief putting in the lat/long (GPS)
Although the adapter isnt for a EQ6 mount, there is only 1mm difference, and I found the grub screw was able to take up the slack.

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Polar aligning has become a videogame!
19 January 2022  | 

Works like a charm, very simple idiotproof software (I am an absolute beginner in astrophotograpphy). Windows recognized the camera immediately, no drivers had to be installed. I was surprised at the number of stars (>25!) it found around Polaris which itself is only just visible in my lightpolluted sky. I had not expected polar aligning to be so simple. The AVX-adapter fitted my EQ5 perfectly. Thanks FLO for the advicee. Omly the packaging. although fully adequate, was not as fancy as that of the polemaster and I would have liked to get a cover for the adapter when the ipolar is removed. But overall an excellent product.

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Excellent, makes alignment simple and accurate.
28 May 2020  | 

I purchased this device because being elderly, I found it difficult to get into a position to look through the Polarscope on my Celestron EdgeHD. I hoped for speed and accuracy and was not disappointed. Installation was simple. The software and manual download without problems. The software requires latitude and longitude to be entered. It is most important to take a dark frame on starting alignment or the software will say it can't find stars (as I discovered! ). The process of alignment is simply a matter of using the scope position adjustments to place a circle over a cross on your laptop screen. Simple! I am so pleased I bought this device. Works like a charm!

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Nice item
27 August 2019  | 

Smaller size than polarmaster. this have many screw holes, so I can setup under scope dovetail plate.


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