iOptron Tri-Pier Adapters
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iOptron Tri-Pier Adapters

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About this product

Model:  iop_pier_adptr_25_8036-25
Part Number:  8036-25

With these adapters, you can install your mount onto this sturdy yet portable iOptron Tri-pier.

Currently, the following mounts are supported: 

  • Tri-pier Adapter for iOptron ZEQ25/CEM25 (#8036-25)
  • Tri-pier Adapter for iOptron CEM120 (#8036-120)*
  • Tri-pier Adapter for Takahashi (EM-200), SkyWatcher (HEQ5/EQ6/NEQ6/AZEQ6), Celestron (CGEM/CGEM-DX), Orion Atlas (EQ-G/AZEQ-G) (#8036-TK), ( Find out if the 8036-TK adapter can fit your mount)
  • Tri-pier Adapter for Astro-Physics 400/600E/Mach1GOTO (#8036-AP)
  • Tri-pier Adapter for Paramount MyT (#8036-PR)

* Due to the payload limitation of the Tri-Pier, this adapter/Tri-pier combination is not designed for CEM120 with heavier payload. Use at your own risk. This adapter can be modified to mount a CEM120 onto your own pier. CAD drawing is here.

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