Orion Dynamo Pro 155Wh AC/DC/USB Lithium Power Supply
 Orion Dynamo Pro 155Wh AC/DC/USB Lithium Power SupplyOrion Dynamo Pro 155Wh AC/DC/USB Lithium Power Supply 

Orion Dynamo Pro 155Wh AC/DC/USB Lithium Power Supply

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Orion Dynamo Pro 155Wh AC/DC/USB Lithium Power Supply

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About this product

Model:  orion_dynamo_pro
Part Number:  02314u

Keep astronomy gear and more powered all night with the compact Dynamo Pro 155Wh Lithium Power Supply!

No matter what type of plugs and power cords you're dealing with, The Dynamo Pro has you covered. This impressively versatile lithium power supply features three 12V DC ports, three USB ports, and one three-prong AC output port to keep all your astronomy equipment running in the field. Thanks to its wide variety of ports, the Dynamo Pro 155Wh AC/DC/USB Lithium Power Supply isn't limited to solely powering astronomy gear. Bring it along on your next campout or road trip to keep all your gadgets powered-up.

Wherever your favorite stargazing site is located, the portable Orion Dynamo Pro 155Wh Lithium Power Supply is the perfect choice to keep your equipment running. Whether you travel miles away to go after ink-black skies in a remote spot, or simply take your trusty telescope a few steps outside into the backyard, the Dynamo Pro's compact size and large 155 watt-hour capacity will make sure your gear is powered-up without taking up too much space. In fact, we've found the Dynamo Pro Lithium to be the perfect size to "ride along" on the base of a motorised XTg or XXg GoTo Dobsonian so you don't have to worry about tangling cords. This pleasantly portable power supply weighs just 3.3 lbs.

Thanks to its high-capacity, 155 watt-hour lithium ion battery, the Dynamo Pro 155Wh AC/DC/USB Lithium Power Supply will keep your gear powered throughout the night so you can concentrate on enjoying the night sky instead of fretting about power running out. What's more, the Dynamo Pro Lithium doesn't require a recharge nearly as often as sealed lead-acid power supplies, so depending on how much equipment you're using, you can potentially keep astronomy gear powered night after night without having to recharge. Helpful indicator lights let you know when the power supply requires a recharge. When not in regular use, we recommend recharging the Dynamo Pro Lithium every 3 months while in storage for best results, and at a minimum once every 6 months.

This must-have power supply also features a handy red LED spotlight to help illuminate your telescope setup or campsite. The spotlight's red colour helps maintain dark-adapted "night vision" so you can still enjoy optimal stargazing results while using the light. You can select between 5%, 10% and 50% brightness settings for helpful red light while observing, or boost to the 100% brightness setting when it's time for more red illumination.

The Orion Dynamo Pro 155Wh AC/DC/USB Lithium Power Supply Includes male and female auto-lighter socket adapters and an AC adapter.


  • Versatile power solution to keep motorised and electronic astronomy gear running
  • Features three 12V DC ports, three USB ports, and a three-prong AC port to satisfy all your needs
  • Compact size perfect for trips to dark-sky sites without taking up too much space
  • High capacity 155 watt-hour battery will keep your gear powered for lengthy observing sessions and astrophotography pursuits
  • Built-in red spotlight provides helpful illumination without disrupting dark-adapted vision

Instruction Manual pdf
Instruction Manual Addendum pdf

What's in the box

  • Orion Dynamo Pro 155Wh AC/DC/USB Lithium Power Supply
  • AC charging adapter
  • Male auto-lighter (cigarette) charging cable
  • Female auto-lighter (cigarette) adapter

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Ideal for portable setup
Friday, 18 November 2022  | 

Moved house so no observatory now. This power pack made setting up so quick and easy. Put it in a plastic tub with my Beelink mini Pc, it powered the PC, EQ6Pro mount, ASI 1600 camera and dew heater perfectly. The Lynx cable didn't fit but an adapter fixed that

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Great power bank for HEQ5 Pro
Tuesday, 18 October 2022  | 

Really compact little battery pack. It's got a female car cigarette style adaptor as well as the usual 2.5mm sockets and 3 USB outlets. For the money it appears to offer much more flexibility than the old Celestron power tank type products. Li ion battery is much lighter than the old lead acid types too. powers my Heq5 Pro brilliantly.

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Orion dynamo pro
Saturday, 8 October 2022  | 

A compact and well made power supply that is an excellent addition to my set up. It has three 12v outputs as well as three usb outputs. Itís also got a 240v output rated at 60W. As if this isnít enough thereís also a red torch with three illumination settings. The unit is easily moved around with its convenient handle. Whatís not to like? Packaged and shipped speedily by FLO.


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Q1. Is output from the UK 3-pin AC socket 120V or 240V?

Output is: AC 230v 50Hz (EU/UK version)
AC output power is: Continuous 100W output, Modified Sine Wave

Q2. Can the included DC charging adapter cable also be used as a power cable for my mount?

No. The included DC charging adapter is intended to charge the Dynamo Pro via the 12v cigarette outlet in your car. It is NOT intended to be a telescope power cable. Even though the tip may fit your telescope power input, please do not use this short cable to power your equipment. The fuse in the tip of this cable is rated at 2 amps. That is enough to charge the Dynamo Pro via the car, but a GoTo mount may pull more than 2 amps, leading to the fuse blowing. For powering a telescope, please use the cable that came with your mount, or contact us to purchase a longer power cable with a higher amperage fuse.

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