Tele Vue Dioptrix Adaptor for NT6

Tele Vue Dioptrix Adaptor for NT6

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Model:  tv_dna6000
Part Number:  DNA-6000

Tele Vue Adapter for Nagler Type 6 Eyepieces to Install Dioptrx or FoneMate.

The Tele Vue Adapter for NT6 Eyepieces converts Nagler Type 6 eyepieces, which have a smaller eye guard, to a larger eye guard size, allowing Dioptrx-series astigmatism correctors or the FoneMate Smartphone Adapter to be installed. Note that these eyepieces have shorter eye relief than others recommended for Dioptrx, so to minimise any vignetting, it's best to use these for deep-sky applications where your eye pupil is large.

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