Astro Essentials IR720 IR Pass Filter 2''
 Astro Essentials IR720 IR Pass Filter 2''Astro Essentials IR720 IR Pass Filter 2'' 

Astro Essentials IR720 IR Pass Filter 2"

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Model:  ae_fltr_ir720_2

Astro Essentials IR720 IR Pass Filter 2"

720nm IR Pass Filter that passes infrared wavelengths of more than 720nm.

At these longer wavelengths, the sensitivity of the unaided eye is reduced, so it is unsuitable for visual observations.

The filter is highly recommended for any planetary photography. At the long-wavelength spectral range, the atmospheric air turbulence (seeing) has a much lower impact on the sharpness. The closer to the infrared band, the less disturbed planetary images are by wavefront distortions in the atmosphere (seeing), resulting in the sharpest and highest contrast image possible.

Combining a luminance image made using this IR-Pass filter with images made using RGB and U-Venus filters significantly enhances overall image sharpness and detail.

With this filter, it is also possible to image some planets during daylight against the dark background sky created by the 720nm IR Pass Filter.

IMPORTANT: This filter is NOT suitable for observing or photographing the Sun. DO NOT use this filter to observe or photograph the Sun. If you do, it will result in permanent eye damage! 

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