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Model:  telrad-finder

The Telrad finder is the original and best-selling reflex finderscope.

This simple, functional and accurate finder for a telescope is much easier to use than a conventional finder-scope.  

It projects a set of circles, 0.5 degrees, 2 degrees, and 4 degrees, that enable you to align your telescope on objects in the sky.  

You can also use the circles to star-hop from one object to another. I.e. if a galaxy is 8 degrees away from a star, you count two 4-degree circles. 

Two AA batteries will typically last 1-2 years. 

It is supplied with a universal base plate that can be attached via screw holes or the included sticky pads.

"We loved the view through the Telrad and everything worked without fuss" BBC Sky at Night Magazine.

The Telrad finder is also popular with those working with stage lighting because, using a Telrad, follow-spot light operators can point with precision. 





  • The large unmagnified screen displays 1/2, 2 and 4-degree illuminated red circles.
  • Finder circles provide easy reference to star charts.
  • Makes star hopping fast, fun and easy.
  • Includes an adjustable brightness control
  • Easy mounting with the included detachable bracket
  • Compatible with virtually any size and make of telescope
  • Use with additional finder scope or other astronomy equipment

Dimensions including mounting base: 215mm x 45mm x 127mm.
Weighs only 266g
Powered by two user-supplied AA batteries

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Customer reviews

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08 January 2023  | 

This really does make finding things in the sky easier, excellent product.

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Great Finder with Junkiest Battery Holder
30 December 2022  | 

It's a great finder.
3 stars because of how crappy the battery holder is. No reason to have it flapping around on two wires and held by random piece of foam, when there is enough room to mount it properly. There is also a risk of the wires breaking off eventually.

Rating (max 5):  
Telrad Finder.
12 June 2022  | 

If i could give a higher star rating I would, It makes finding targets so much easier, I could not do without it....And great sevice from FLO, what more do you need.

Rating (max 5):  
Telrad Finder
11 April 2022  | 

Superb product 👌 wish I had bought one years ago. So simple to use and has saved me so much time. Fast delivery and great service as always.

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Telrad goodness.
16 March 2022  | 

Well this is a great finder and mounts to pretty much everything. Much better than the small red dot finders that everything gets on standard with scopes by default.
In use the finder has a pretty good viewing angle which helps when you are not directly in line sight, say viewing with an equatorial mount; riser bases are also available to increase the height from the telescope, helpful if using binoviewers for example.
Also, the device is well built and will last you a long time.

Bonus it that you can use the Telrad to sky hop as the illuminated rings are separated by certain degrees - so this helps in measuring the sky while in use.

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Just buy one - you won't regret it
10 February 2022  | 

A few weeks ago I got a 10" Dobsonian and hit a problem when I was trying to find anything. There were too many stars in my finder scope to start to figure quite where my Dob was pointing, making it really hard to find objects of interest, other than around dusk when there were a lot less stars in sight. I'd had multiple recommendations for the Telrad and I found this site had them for almost half the price of getting one locally in New Zealand. Shipping was pretty quick, but then all I got was cloudy nights (summer here too!). But this evening I got chance to test it out. It took a few seconds to get aligned and then I tried it out. I LOVE it!!! A strong recommendation for anyone to put on their scope.

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Works Very Well
07 December 2021  | 

With my newish Dobsonian Telescope I was finding it hard to aim at "easy" targets that were almost overhead. Now I have this Telrad Finder, it is so much easier. Although you still have to crouch down, you don't need to contort yourself to get the eyepice of a finder scope. With you head somewhere behind the Telrad you can easily see the sighting rings. It was easy to calibrate via the small knobs. It also had an unexpected benfit when showing Jupiter to my parents who are in their eighties. While they were sat on a chair by the eyepiece, I could aim on Jupiter with the Telrad from the other side and be confident that it could be seen in the eyepiece.
I have given it 4 stars, not 5 for the following reasons:
- It's much bigger than it needs to be with the batteries taking up a small space in a large void.
- Not sure how long the attachment screws will work before they stop gripping.
- Target can be hidden behind sighting rings - I believe it can be modded to flash the rings.
- Much easier to use if you buy the 2" riser (which I did) but this is extra cost.

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Good Finder
19 November 2021  | 

I struggled with the red dot finder supplied with my Celestron Nexstar 5SE so opted for the highly rated Telrad.
As usual it arrived very quickly with good notification of the day of delivery. The finder was larger than I expected and I had to make a minor alteration to the base in order to mount it on the tube. Mounting the finder was a piece of cake and once done gave the double sided tape 24 hours to reach full strength.
On first testing the Telrad I found it difficult to find the circles in bright sunlight, mainly because I was looking in the wrong place, once I had found where to look everything was ok and very easy. As you may expect it is easier to use in the dark, in fact it works extremely well in darkness and gives precise alignment for the telescope. I would recommend this item.

Rating (max 5):  
Telrad Finder
17 November 2021  | 

Bought this on advice of a friend after discussing using a finder scope to make things easier. However to be honest this has not worked out to my satisfaction with disappointing results left after shelling out 40 odd pounds for the privilege. Delivery was slow from ordering with little or no correspondence from FLO after placing the order.


We are sorry to hear you are not getting on with this finder. Different people prefer different types of finder so there is no one right choice. You are welcome to contact us and arrange to return it for a refund.

You mention a slow delivery which is a little surprising given when you ordered we were out of stock of these and displayed a 20-25 working day dispatch estimate and we actually dispatched in less than five days, way ahead of schedule!

Rating (max 5):  
Telrad finder
24 September 2021  | 

An absolute godsend for telescopes with a long focal length (and short). Robust and solidly made it provides a good clear sighting reticle on which you can adjust the brightness and align with the main scope by easily accessible adjustment screws. So glad I bought this which was packaged and sent out swiftly by FLO as is the norm.

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Q1. How wide is the Telrad?

The Telrad itself is 45mm wide, its base is 58mm wide.

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