IDAS Narrow-Band Nebula (LPS-V4) Filter

IDAS Narrow-Band Nebula (LPS-V4) Filter


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Model:  hutech-idas-lps-v4-1.25
Part Number:  LPS-V4-28.6
Brand:  IDAS


Essentially this is a UHC filter for OSC cameras used under light polluted skies. 

The IDAS LPS-V4 filter is designed to provide maximum contrast between key astronomical emission lines and a light polluted sky. These filters incorporate IDAS MBT, UFP, and IGAD technologies to insure undegraded and extremely durable optical performance.

Features include:

  • Near IR is blocked completely, eliminating the need for an additional filter to block IR. 
  • Narrower H-alpha bandpass.  In combination with a Kenko R1 filter, this can be used as a 19nm bandpass H-alpha filter.
  • Retains the excellent color balance of the LPS-V3 filter when one-shot color cameras are used.
  • Easy creation of H-alpha enhanced color images

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