IDAS Narrow-Band Nebula (NB2) Filter

IDAS Narrow-Band Nebula (NB2) Filter

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Model:  idas-lps-nb2-48
Part Number:  NB2-48

Unlike the IDAS NB1 filters which are tri-band, the new NB2 and NB3 filters are dual band. The IDAS NB2 filter passes Ha and OIII wavelengths. Designed for One-Shot Colour cameras to maximise nebula emissions signal to noise ration whilst capturing regular RGB broadband colours without refocusing or taking apart the optical system during imaging.

Incorporates IDAS MBT, UFP, and IGAD technologies for highest optical performance. 

Whilst the NB1 filter can operate standalone the NB2 and NB3 filters require a base filter as they do not block NIR light.

A regular UV/IR cut filter can be used but the best match is the IDAS Night Glow Suppression filter (NSG1). In light polluted skies an IDAS light pollution reduction filter can be used. 

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