IDAS NBZ Dual Band Nebula Boost Filter

IDAS NBZ Dual Band Nebula Boost Filter

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About this product

Model:  hutech-idas-nbz-dual-band-48
Part Number:  NBZ-48

The Japanese-made IDAS NBZ Dual Band Filter is designed to enhance the contrast of Ha and OIII emission nebula. 

While IDAS NBX filter performed well in fast optics at high transmission rates as advertised, unfortunately it suffered from halo issues around bright stars. So IDAS have decided to release a new dual narrowband filter called “NBZ”, which was newly designed from scratch to dramatically reduce internal reflections. And the production process was also modified to achieve this goal.

Everything else remains unchanged. The NBZ is still F2-capable with the same bandpass.

In addition to enhancing contrast IDAS NBZ Filters are designed to accommodate the spectral shift when used with fast optical systems.

This Dual Band Filter is ideal for One-Shot Colour CMOS/CCD Cameras as well as Mono Cameras.

Features include

  • Ideal flat top bandpass
  • Excellent in-band transmission
  • Off-centre bandpass accommodates off-axis rays for fast optics (up to F2)
  • Steep bandpass edges minimise internal reflections
  • No IR blocker required
  • Available in 48mm and 52mm sizes
  • 2.5mm thickness (parfocal with other IDAS LPS filters)
  • IDAS-proprietary IGAD/MBT/UFP quality
  • UHS Version optimised for F1.8 to F2.8


NBZ filters are only available in 48mm (2") and 52mm threaded cells. 


Detailed Plot of NBZ Ha and OIII Bandpass





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Should be banned from the market..
04 July 2023  | 

I am late to this product, until now having been using Optolong L-eNhance (pretty decent filter in it's own right, my specimen being of good quality, which counts in the filter lottery).
But this IDAS NBZ here... this really is another league.
Right now I'm imagining Witch's Broom and Pickering's Triangle in wide filed, during full moon and from B7 (300s subs @ F/3.8-ish).
This really feels like cheating, the 22 subs I collected tonight most probably are my best acquisition, ever.
It looks like I will have a decent image after tonight, which is ridiculous if you think about it.
And no halos whatsoever.
Why was I waiting so long to upgrade to IDAS remains a mystery to me.
I am pretty sure I will be able to use this filter down to F/3 as advertised, which would be an excellent outcome from this investment.

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Did the job at f1.9
05 June 2021  | 

I have been using this for two months .Excellent results on my HYperstar'd C8 .Great separation of background and nebula.It just lives inside my filter draw now. Handles bright stars really well.

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IDAS NBZ 2" filter
23 March 2021  | 

Early days for me with this filter. Previously I have been using another IDAS filter with my RASA 8 (NB-1) but felt there was a shift in the response when using the NB-1 with the RASA, compared to my f7 APO refractor. However the NBZ filter doesn't show this shift with the RASA at f2. Colours are cleaner and more defined with the bonus that stars are tighter and show less bloating/halos. I've not had chance due to weather to give this filter a long workout but the initial results on nebulae like the Rosette and the Cone (at f2) have been extremely encouraging. Role on the summer nebulae.


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