Lunt LS60THa/B1200CPT 60mm H-alpha Telescope
Lunt LS60THa/B1200CPT 60mm H-alpha TelescopeLunt LS60THa/B1200CPT 60mm H-alpha TelescopeLunt LS60THa/B1200CPT 60mm H-alpha Telescope
Lunt LS60THa/B1200CPT 60mm H-alpha TelescopeLunt LS60THa/B1200CPT 60mm H-alpha Telescope

Lunt LS60THa/B1200CPT 60mm H-alpha Telescope

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Model:  lunt_60mm_ha_b1200_crayford_pressure
Part Number:  0551207

The Lunt LS60THa is a complete Solar Telescope with a 60mm aperture and Lunt's 'Pressure Tuner' system which enables a better Etalon adjustment than other systems and adapts the Etalon to varying altitudes and atmospheric pressures for consistently high optimal performance.

The front singlet lens reduces half the stray light of an achromat, fully eliminating the possibility of on-axis coma, astigmatism, de-centering aberrations and provides a full spherical corrected flat-field.

An internal etalon with tune adjustment allows for a <0.7 Angstrom bandpass.

The LS60THa/B1200C-PT comes with the B1200 blocking filter. The star diagonal in which the blocking filter is installed, is equipped as standard for 1.25" eyepieces and with a T2 camera connection.

With 500mm focal length it provides a ~4.5 mm image through a 12mm blocking filter. Fine adjustment is achieved with a Crayford style or feather touch focuser with 10:1 reduction. 

Supplied with an aluminum finished hard case with fitted foam.

Telescope Field of View Simulator

What's in the box

  • LS60T Hydrogen-alpha Solar Telescope
  • Pressure Tuner system
  • B1200 Blocking Filter in star-diagonal
  • 2" Dual Speed Crayford Focuser or Starlight Instruments 2" Dual Speed Feather Touch focuser
  • Tube Ring 1/4"-20 connection for mounting on photo-tripods
  • Transport Case with die cut foam with room for accessories


Focal Length500mm
BandwidthInternal Etalon with <0.75 Angstrom
TuningAir Pressure Tuning System
Blocking FilterB1200 with 1.25" and T2 connection
FocuserCrayford style with 10:1 fine tuning or Starlight Instruments 2" Feather Touch focuser with 1.5" travel and 10:1 reduction
StorageAluminum finished hard case with fitted foam

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Lunt LS60THa/B600CPT H-alpha Telescope Manual (PDF)

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First light - Lunt LS60THa/B1200CPT
Wednesday, 24 June 2020  | 

In previous Summer months I have switched from deep sky astrophotography to solar photography as the lack of any meaningful astronomical darkness makes it tougher to gather good data on night time targets.

Armed with my trusty William Optics Z61 refractor and a DayStar Quark Chromosphere, I can be found on clear days outside in the garden with a black sheet over my head to reduce glare so I can observe the Sun in Hydrogen Alpha on my laptop screen.

With the lockdown in full swing and working from home until the end of September at the earliest, I decided to use the monthly fare I am saving for my commute into London to put towards a new solar scope. I find one of the joys of Solar Imaging is to capture the full disc of the Sun, however, using the Quark this usually entails a nine pane mosaic due to the 4.2x barlow integral to the filter and a bit of luck.

I chose the Lunt LS60THa with an aperture of 60mm, the same aperture as the Z61 and very portable. Using the Field of View simulator from I confirmed that my choice of scope/camera produced a nice size full disc with room around the edges should any large prominences appear; well you have to be positive right?!

As well as the full disc I also wanted to be able to capture details of prominences or surface details such as filaments, sun spots and faculae. For this I chose a 2.5x Powermate from Televue as this minimises vignetting and is telecentric producing a ‘flatter’ image. The Lunt also has a choice of blocking filter and here I chose the B1200 over the B600 as the former is designed specifically for imaging.

So why a Lunt over, say, a Coronado Solar scope? The key difference for me was use. The research I undertook revealed that the Coronado is a great solar scope but the views it produces are more ‘3-d’ in effect. In other words it produces fantastic views of the Sun for visual work, but not having a ‘flat’ view doesn’t make it the best choice for taking pictures.

From ordering the Lunt to arrival took over a month as the scope had to come from the US to Germany and then to me. Grant at FLO kept me up to speed with progress. It is neatly packaged in a protective aluminium case and cut out foam. I also purchased a longer dovetail bar to mount the Lunt on as this would be easier to achieve balance when attaching to an equatorial mount. The Lunt comes with a clam shell ring to which the dovetail is mounted using bolts with Allen key heads. Maybe it was this scope or maybe it is all of them but the dovetail uses imperial Allen key heads and the scope has metric. Both are produced by Lunt, go figure! So a further purchase of Imperial Allen keys was needed.

Set up is a breeze. Once attached to your mount of choice you then add your solar view finder and camera/eyepiece to the diagonal. If you are one for reading instructions then you will be pleased to learn they are clear and produce the required results first time. If you not an instruction type person then you will be pleased to note they are one page long and fit neatly in your bin.

Filtering the Sun’s harmful rays is achieved through an Etalon built into the scope. Achievement of the required wavelength of 6562.8A to view Hydrogen Alpha is undertaken by a Pressure Tuner. Firstly, you undo the large pressure tuner knob which then sets the pressure to your given altitude. You then screw the knob back on and gradually tighten this whilst viewing the Sun in focus through an eyepiece. As you tighten the knob more details on the Chromosphere come into view and you are done, simple as that. There isn’t really any need to touch this again unless you are going to do something like take it to the top of a mountain!

The great joy of the Lunt over the Quark Chromosphere for me are twofold. First, there is no need for an added cable and battery to warm up the Quark and second you don’t have a huge Quark filter coming our of your diagonal with a camera/eyepiece mounted on top. That always looked too precarious for my liking.

Overall I am delighted with the Lunt, its speed of set up and build quality are excellent and I am looking forward to many years of good solar service.


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