Sky-Watcher Explorer 190MN DS-PRO

Sky-Watcher Explorer 190MN DS-PRO


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Model:  skywatcher_mak_newt_astograph
Part Number:  10205
Brand:  Skywatcher


The Sky-Watcher Explorer 190MN (7.5") Maksutov-Newtonian delivers optically flat coma-free images and a fast f/5.3 focal ratio. 

Optimized for CCD and DSLR cameras!

  • Low-expansion Pyrex primary mirror and multi-coated Schott BK7 front meniscus lens for flat-field, coma-free results that are optimized for CCD and DSLR cameras. 
  • Knife-edge internal baffles reduce internal reflections for increased contrast. 
  • Two-inch Dual-Speed Crayford focuser offers a smooth focus action and will support CCD and DSLR cameras with the usual accessories. 
  • 1.5mm thick metal tube (to prevent flex) finished in black metallic paint.

Weight of Optical Tube Assembly: 10kg (22lb)

NOTE: To perform at their best Maksutov-Newtonian telescopes require careful collimation so are best suited to experienced astronomers. 

This superb image of M42, M43 and NGC1977 was made by Steve Loughran using the 190MN. 


M42 M43 NGC1977 RGB with the MN190

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