Zenith 100pc Microscope Prepared Slide Set

Zenith 100pc Microscope Prepared Slide Set

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Part Number:  60124

100pcs glass prepared specimen slides supplied in a compartmentalised wooden box.

Includes a selection of 100 interesting Botanical, Zoological, Aquatic and Insect Specimens as listed below:

Blood Fluke-Eggs w.m.
Bone Marrow Mammal, smear (Rabbit)
Butterfly Wings Ocales, w.m.
Cerebrum Mammal, sec. (Pig)
Chlamydomonas, w.m.
Chlorella, w.m.
Coprinus Mushroom Set, c.s.
Cotton Stem,c.s.
Cucurbita Stem, l.s.
Cyclops, w.m. 
Daphnia, w.m.
Dragonfly Compound Eye,w.m.
Earthworm, c.s.
Euglena, w.m. 
Fern Prothallia and Sporangia, w.m.
Fern Root, c.s.
Fern, Leaf-Sorus,w.m.
Frog Epidermic Cell,sec
Frog Liver, sec
Frog Lung, sec.
Frog Showing Spermary, sec. 
Frog Spermatozoa, smear 
Frog-Blastule, sec. 
Frog-Gastrula, sec.
Frog-Holoblastic Cleavage sec.
Gourd Pollen, w.m. 
Honeybee Compound Eye,w.m.
Honeybee Mouth Parts, w.m
Honeybee Wings,w.m.
Honeybee Worker Leg-Composite,w.m
Housefly Mouth Parts, w.m
Hydra Plain&budding,w.m.
Ipomoea Root, sec.
Leaf of Winter Jasmine, c.s. 
Lichen, sec.
Lilac Leaf, c.s. 
Lillium Anther, c.s.
Locust Wing, w.m. 
Mantis Leg, w.m.
Marchantia Aritheridis,l.s.
Marchantia Mature Sporophyte, l.s.
Meiosis-Lilium Pollen,w.m.
Mitosis-Onion Root Tip, l.s.
Mixed Bacteria, smear
Mole Cricket leg,w.m.
Mosquito Larva, w.m.
Mosquito Mouth Parts,w.m.
Mosquito Wings,w.m.
Mouse Cuboidal Epithelium, sec.
Mouse Kidney, l.s.
Mouse Ovary,sec.
Nervous Tissue, sec. (Pig)
Paramecium-Conjugation, w.m.
Penicillium, w.m.
Pig Adipose Cell,w.m.
Pig Liver, sec.
Pig Motor Nerve,w.m.
Pine Cone-Female, l.s.
Pisum Seed,l.s.
Planaria, c.s.
Polytrichum Archegonis, l.s.
Pome Sclereid,w.m.
Pumpkin Stem,c.s.
Rabbit Artery and Vein, c.s.
Rabbit Blood, smear
Rabbit Ganglia, sec.
Rabbit Lymph Node, sec
Rabbit Spinal Cord, c.s.
Rabbit Testis, sec.
Ranunculus Root, c.s
Rice Stem,c.s.
Root-Meristem, l.s.
Silkworm Moth Antennac,w.m.
Silkworm Moth Larva, w.m.
Spirogyia Conjugation,w.m.
Stem of Buttercup, c.s.
Stem-Collenchyma, c.s.
Stem-Cork Cell, c.s.
Stem-Sieve Tube and Companion Cell, l.s.
Stomata-vicia Faba Leaf,w.m.
Striated Muscle, c.s. (Rabbit)
Taenia Pisiformis, w.m.
Teminal Bud Stem Tip,l.s.
Tilia Stem,c.s.
Tobacco, w.m.
Vicia Faba Root Tip, l.s.
Volox, w.m.
Yeast-Budding, w.m.
Young Root of Broad Bean, c.s.
Zea Root, c.s

(Please note specimens may vary very slightly depending on availability)

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