Backyard Universe Upgraded Carbon Tube for Sky-Watcher 150mm Quattro Telescopes

Backyard Universe Upgraded Carbon Tube for Sky-Watcher 150mm Quattro Telescopes

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Model:  bu_ct_sw150q
Part Number:  BU2023-001

Backyard Universe Upgraded Carbon Tube for Sky-Watcher 150mm Quattro Telescopes.

Carbon fibre composites, also known as carbon or CFRP, have extreme strength and rigidity, low density and a unique design. BU carbon tubes are made from different carbon fabrics. Depending on the type of fabric used and its combination, the properties of the tubes can be specifically influenced and ultimately determine the appearance and the mechanical properties.

The tube consists of several layers of unidirectional fabric, which is applied in different orientations and then covered with a 3K plain as a visible layer. The tubes have significantly higher flexural rigidity than conventional steel tubes and are also approx. 0.4-0.5 kg lighter. The original tube clamps can still be used, but the knurled screws on the tube clamps must be replaced with longer ones ( not included in the scope of delivery ) so that the tube with a 2mm wall thickness can be clamped cleanly. Soon BU will also offer suitable tube clamps for their carbon tubes.

All necessary bores are CNC milled and are already made in the tube. The surface finish consists of a wafer-thin layer of clear lacquer (matt).

Please note 1. The holes for the secondary mirror spider are 6mm and are manufactured to match the BU CNC-milled secondary mirror spiders. If you want to install the original metal spider, you must drill out the holes!

If the tube is to be lined with velour, BU also recommends using spray adhesive! We recommend 3M™ Super 77 spray adhesive.

Please note 2. There is a 1mm hole opposite the hole for the OAZ. If you attach it with M5x20 Allen screws, it will be centred precisely, and you can use the 1mm hole to align the OAZ (camera necessary)



Carbon dust is hazardous to health!!! If you want to make subsequent modifications (drilling, sawing, grinding), please take appropriate safety precautions (dust protection, etc.). 


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