Wega Main Mirror Cover for 150mm Mirror Cells

Wega Main Mirror Cover for 150mm Mirror Cells

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Model:  wega_mc_150mm
Part Number:  Blende150G2

Universal aperture ring for 150mm mirror cell

The aperture is a great photographic upgrade for your UNC or PHOTON Newtonian from Teleskop-Service. The new version, Generation 2, now has a significantly larger free passage and can be used universally on almost all 150mm mirror cells. The star image improves because the diffraction phenomena caused by the outer edge of the mirror and above all by the retaining clips are simply faded out. Reducing the free opening by just a few millimetres is not significant.

The installation on the Newtonian is very easy. It is not even necessary to remove the main mirror from the mirror cell.

      ♦ Remove the primary mirror cell from the tube by loosening the retaining screws on the side.
      ♦ Pull out the cell with the mounted primary mirror.
      ♦ Remove the three retaining clips and place the panel on the primary mirror.
      ♦ Now carefully reinsert the three retaining clips and fix them. It is sufficient if the clamps only lightly press on the bezel ring.
      ♦ Then reinstall the primary mirror with the socket. Once you've marked the position of the screws, you don't even need to adjust the telescope.

The ring also fits many other Newtonians with a primary mirror diameter of 150mm. 

The aperture fits in all UNC and TS-Optics PHOTON Newtonian telescopes with a 150mm aperture and improves star imaging in astrophotography. In addition, the aperture ring now fits in almost all 150mm mirror cells.

      ♦ The anti-glare ring reduces the mirror diameter by a few millimetres and thus hides the retaining brackets and the mirror edge.
      ♦ The photographic image of the telescope is improved.
      ♦ Easy assembly, the ring is clamped between the mirror and the mounting brackets.
      ♦ Lightweight black plastic design

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