MoonLite CR2 Dual-Speed Crayford for Newtonians
 MoonLite CR2 Dual-Speed Crayford for NewtoniansMoonLite CR2 Dual-Speed Crayford for Newtonians 

MoonLite CR2 Dual-Speed Crayford for Newtonians

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Model:  moonlite_focuser_newtonian_triknob_r_1

Now includes Shaft-lock!

Based on Moonlite's classic Crayford focuser but with their dual-speed Tri-Knob with Shaft Lock featuring an over sized 8 to 1 reduction unit with a preloaded, all ball bearing planetary reduction design that has no backlash or play. The inline unit can be rolled with the slightest touch for very fine focus movements and has an auto brake when focus is stopped. No wiggling, perfect collimation and a 6 lb load capacity make this option ideal for visual or imaging use. The fine knob is on the right by default but can be made left-handed if required.

The Shaft Lock mechanism is a unique mini brass compression ring clamp that allows the user to lock the shaft without deflecting the drawtube. This type of focus lock is much better then the old 'thumb screw against the draw tube' style that shifts the image when clamped. 

All bearing riding surfaces polished to a near mirror-like finish before anodising for an extremely smooth focus action .

Non-marring compression-ring eyepiece clamp.  

Several colour options and drawtube lengths are available as well as matching curve adapters, spacers and install kits for a professional Installation. 

For visual use most owners select the standard 50mm draw-tube length. For imaging the shorter 38mm draw-tube is preferred. For the Skywatcher 190MN Maksutov-Newtonian please select the standard 50mm draw-tube.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for advice. 

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Rock solid
Wednesday, 1 July 2020  | 

A thing of beauty. Rock Solid, easy to use and highly recommended

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Great focuser
Thursday, 16 April 2015  | 

Very smooth and the shaft lock works perfectly. Just what i was looking for to replace the standard focuser on my 200p.

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Great focuser for the SW 190MN
Thursday, 18 September 2014  | 

Decided to swap out the standard focuser on the SW 190MN as it just didn't stay put when imaging with a heavy dSLR and Lodestar OAG. The CR2 was relatively easy to fit. Removed the meniscus lens, remove the old focuser and fitted the Moonlight CR2. Used a Howie Glatter laser to align the secondary. Then aded the concentric rings holograph attachment and projected them off the primary onto greaseproof paper over the meniscus. Collimation was almost perfect. I can now hang upto 6lb off the CR2 with no slippage and superb focus accuracy. I've since added Moonlite's stepper controller and can focus off my PC/Mac using live view over USB. This complete system saves lots of faffing about and precious sky time - All in all its thoroughly recommended!

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CR2 Dual Black
Thursday, 27 February 2014  | 

This is a very precise piece of engineering that does the job very well. Yes granted, it is expensive to shell out this amount on 'just' a focuser. But when its the difference between having to fight the play on a focuser & settle for a close enough sweet spot or just simply fine tune to the exact sweet spot needed to tease out every last drop of detail it makes sense to invest in this kit. The major hands on part of any telescope should be finely tuned and be a pleasure to use and these certainly are. This is one chunk of lovely metal and the finish reminds me of a black piano.

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Very solid, beautifully made.
Monday, 20 January 2014  | 

I bought this to replace the standard Crayford on my SkyWatcher 300P Flextube. The difference is dramatic. The Moonlite is solid and its drawtube does not move about like the standard item. There is absolutely no slop. Focus action is featherlight and very precise even with a heavy DSLR attached. The shaft lock facility is invaluable. I bought the 2" drawtube option and it give me much more focus travel than the standard focuser.

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Saturday, 12 October 2013  | 

I put one of these on my SW 300 Dob. Simply put, it transforms the scope. I used the optional installation kit as well. The focuser is wonderfully smooth and grips my Ep's very securely. Well worth the investment. A thing of beauty.

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Can no longer use a telescope without one!
Wednesday, 21 August 2013  | 

I bought this focuser for my Skywatcher Explorer 150PDS telescope - my first imaging telescope. It was such a tremendous upgrade that I would never think to use a telescope without first replacing its focuser with one of these (or a FeatherTouch focuser, of course).

Tightening the focuser allows it to sustain and focus a tremendous amount of weight even when everything is pushing directly down into the focuser. The focus knobs are extremely precise and sturdy. The compression ring holds the optical train securely even when it is heavy and up-side-down. Quite notably, the focus shaft lock is one of this focuser's top features. To be able to lock the focus totally securely and without shifting it in the process is exactly what you want, especially if like me, you do not use a filter wheel and have to pull out the optical train and put it back in for filter changes.

Above all, the focuser is built like a tank - extremely high-quality finish and very, very sturdy. Seriously, do not think twice. Your telescope must be using one of these focusers.

Rating (max 5):  
Sunday, 29 May 2011  | 

I don't need to say too much about this - its reputation as a superbly-manufactured focuser with precise and smooth motions and excellent load capacity is very well deserved.

However, what is less often said is that it doesn't matter what scope you have - you will get a Moonlite to fit it thanks to Moonlite's willingness to cater for all focuser fittings and all travel requirements.

It's a lot of money to shell out for just a focuser, but once spent you will not regret it - they're the ultimate focuser.


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