MoonLite DC Motor Focus with Slip Clutch & Controller

MoonLite DC Motor Focus with Slip Clutch & Controller

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Model:  moonlite_dc_motor_focus

Add super-fine focus ability to your MoonLite focuser with this DC motor focuser option. 

Uses a DC gear-head style motor with a very fine gear box providing extreme fine focus ability and strong torque. The motor assembly uses a slip clutch allowing both motor and manual operation of the focuser at the same time.

Connects to the hand controller with a 1/8" stereo 6 foot long cable. The Battery operated hand controller can vary speed from very slow to very fast in a pulse width modulated mode. The fine movement ability makes the focuser ideal for visual use or manual imaging use. The dual port design of the controller allows for control of a second focuser from one handset.

Slip Clutch

The Slip Clutch allows you to choose between manual or motorised operation of the focuser without the need to remove the motors.

The amount of slip can be adjusted on the new slip clutch by adjusting the tightness of the slip clutch ring. For manual knob operation of the focuser, turn the silver knurled ring loose. For motor operation of the focuser, tighten the silver knurled ring.

To adjust the knurled rings tension, it helps to hold the manual knob still with your right hand and turn the clutch ring with your left hand. Holding the manual knob in place will keep the shaft from turning allowing the clutch ring to tighten / loosen the clutch.

Note: No damage will be done if the focuser motor continues to run past the mechanical stops of the drawtubes travel. Even if the clutch is tight, it will simple slip when the travel runs out. 

Note: Designed for non-PC control of your focuser. For PC automated control please Moonlite's High Resolution Stepper Motor option.


  • High torque DC motor direct coupled to shaft
  • Slip clutch for both manual and controller operation.
  • Dual port controller for running 2 DC motors at the same time.
  • 12 volt DC pulse width modulated controller for slow speed ability with out stalling.
  • Stand alone hand controller operation, no PC required.
  • Uses 2 AA batteries.
  • Uses 1/8" stereo mini plug on 6 foot cable.
  • Cable length can be extended to 300 feet.

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