Askar 7nm OIII Narrowband Filter

Askar 7nm OIII Narrowband Filter

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Model:  askar_oiii_7nm_fltr_125
Part Number:  1.25 OIII 7nm

The Askar O III 7nm filter is suitable for imaging of O III emitting nebulae or some supernova remnants.

This O III filter has high transmission at a centre wavelength of 500.7nm. The 7nm narrow bandwidth enables this astro imaging filter to block light pollution and other unwanted artificial lights or night glow hence the Askar O III filter is an ideal filter for astro-imaging in heavily light-polluted locations and delivers enhanced contrast at darker locations.

The Askar O III filter can enhance the amount of detail visible in emission nebulae, planetary nebulae and supernova remnants.

The out-of-band blocking ability is rated at OD4 (0.01%) with a blocking range of 200-1050nm. It delivers excellent signal-to-noise ratio and a sharp cut-off rate to attenuate the disturbance from other wavelengths.

The Askar O III filter has a narrow bandwidth of 7nm and high peak transmission of 90%, whilst efficiently suppressing other off-band wavelength.

Users can expect terrific performance, particularly in artificially-brightened background skies.

The production process is strictly controlled and every single Askar O III narrowband filter is individually examined and tested.

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