IDAS 6.8nm Ha Filter F3.5 to Any (2.5mm thick)

IDAS 6.8nm Ha Filter F3.5 to Any (2.5mm thick)

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About this product

Model:  idas_ha_48_f35_2_5mm
Part Number:  HA68STD25-48

IDAS have reintroduced their range of Ha Narrow Band Filters.

This is the 2.5mm Thickness F3.5 and slower version


  • 6.8nm FWHM
  • IDAS-proprietary flat-top design
  • F1.6-capable – high transmission in high speed optics
  • 3 classes available – F1.6 to F2.2, F2.0 to F3.5 & F3.5 to any
  • Fully blocks up to 1200nm
  • 50.8mm, 52mm mounted and drop-in available
  • 2.5mm and 3.0mm glass thickness. 2.5mm is par-focal with other IDAS filters and 3.0mm is same as other high-end brands available in the market
  • Fully produced in Japan
  • Lint- and dust-free packing. No wrapped by a paper.
  • Individual inspection and measurement


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