Celestron NexStar Evolution 9.25

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Model:  cel_nexstarevo_9.25
Part Number:  12092-CGL

Celestron's flagship Evolution telescope features their highly respected 9.25" Schmidt-Cassegrain optics and a computerised GoTo mount with integrated wifi connectivity. Also includes an integrated lithium-ion battery capable of powering the mount for 10 hours continuous use. 

Celestron’s signature telescopes reach a new level with NexStar Evolution 9.25, the first Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with integrated WiFi. Leave your hand control behind and slew to all the best celestial objects with a tap of your smartphone or tablet. Connect your device to NexStar Evolution’s built-in wireless network, and explore the universe with the Celestron mobile app for iOS and Android.

Use the planetarium interface to view the night sky in real time or display a list of celestial objects currently visible based on your time and location. Our proprietary SkyAlign alignment procedure is built right into the Celestron mobile app, so you’re ready to observe within minutes. 

The most user-friendly telescope ever

Celestron engineers designed NexStar Evolution based on years of customer feedback. It offers many thoughtful design features that combine to provide you the best possible experience out under the stars.

Forget about batteries or an external power supply. For the first time ever on a consumer telescope, NexStar Evolution includes its own built-in lithium-ion battery. You’ll be able to enjoy stargazing marathons up to 10 hours on a single charge. You can even use NexStar Evolution’s USB charge port to top off the other devices in your life that need to stay powered on during an observing session.

Setting up your NexStar Evolution is quick and painless with large, ergonomic handles. The steel tripod features leg etchings to help you achieve a level, uniform height for your telescope. Manual clutches in both altitude and azimuth offer greater flexibility to manually point the telescope when powered off. Store up to 7 eyepieces in 2 accessory trays, one with an adjustable red LED illuminator.

Superior tracking fit for astroimaging

If you’re interested in astroimaging, the 9.25-inch NexStar Evolution is an excellent, affordable way to get started. It’s the only fork-mounted telescope in its price range that offers worm gears, along with improved motors. NexStar Evolution’s tracking accuracy is so impressive, you can capture images of deep-sky objects like the Orion Nebula by simply attaching your DSLR camera. As you progress in the hobby of astroimaging, you can add our Pro HD Wedge to achieve longer exposures for more detailed astrophotos. 

Of course, the Schmidt-Cassegrain optical system offers bright, sharp views with StarBright XLT optical coatings—a great choice for visual observers and budding astroimagers alike.

NexStar Evolution includes a StarPointer finderscope, two 1.25” Plossl eyepieces, a 1.25” star diagonal, AC adapter, and optional hand control.

Telescope Field of View Simulator

What's in the box

  • Telescope OTA
  • Telescope Mount
  • StarPointer Finderscope
  • 2 x 1.25" Plossl Eyepieces
  • 1.25" Star Diagonal
  • AC Adapter
  • NexStar+ hand controller


Optical DeisgnSchmidt-Cassegrain
Aperture235 mm
Focal Length2350 mm
Focal Ratio10
Focal Length of Eyepiece 140 mm
Focal Length of Eyepiece 213 mm
Magnification of Eyepiece 159x
Magnification of Eyepiece 2180x
Star Diagonal1.25"
Mount TypeSingle Fork Arm Altazimuth
TripodStainless Steel
Power RequirementsInternal Battery Included
Highest Useful Magnification555x
Lowest Useful Magnification34x
Limiting Stellar Magnitude14.4
Resolution (Rayleigh)0.59 arc seconds
Resolution (Dawes)0.49 arc secons
Light Gathering Power (Compared to human eye)1127x
Optical CoatingsStarBright XLT
Secondary Mirror Obstruction3.35 in (85 mm)
Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Diameter36%
Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Area13%
Optical Tube Length22 in
Total Telescope Kit Weight46.6 lbs
Max Slew Speed4 degrees per second
Tracking RatesSidereal, Solar and Lunar
Alignment ProceduresSkyAlign, 3-Star Align, Solar System Align
Communication Ports1 hand control and 3 aux ports for optional accessories
App DatabaseOver 120,000 including 220 of the best deep sky and solar system objects
USB Charge PortYes

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Celestron NexStar Evolution Manual (PDF)

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Excellent all rounder
05 February 2019  | 

I have owned a Nexstar Evolution 9.25 for over a year. Great for DSO and planetary. The Goldilocks scope not too big not too small.

I have started imaging with this set up and can get 30 seconds of tracking before star trails without a wedge. The weight is easy enough for me to move the mount and OTA together for fast easy set up. I removed the hand control to streamlined even more and just use a iPad and StarSense.

Easy to up grade I have added a StarSense and a feather touch focuser. This is slightly longer than the factory fitted focuser and I have had no issue with clearance of the mount zenith, when balanced the mount is position near the end of the bar.
The weight of my OTA with a StarSense camera, red dot finder, ZWO294MC Pro, focal reducer and dew shield weighs just over 10Kg. The recommended limit is 11.33Kg.

I have found this set so easy to use and efficient on set up time.

Recently the dew shield pulled the rubber stop at the end of the dovetail bar off and my dog found it first and chewed to bits Celestron replaced free of charge and shipped to New Zealand.

The battery life is amazing and great to have the ability to charge your Phone etc via while out.

Rating (max 5):  
08 December 2018  | 

I cannot help feeling I made a mistake buying this scope. Don't get me wrong, the optics are excellent, the mount is excellent, its just that they do not belong together in my opinion. The arm on the mount is not really long enough, it needs to be about ten cm longer or so, to aid clearance of the mount of the diagonal, when approaching zenith. The mount works fine, it is easy to set up and well within limits for me, regarding portability. The Go- To function is great too, as is the tracking, but this OTA is right on the limits of the payload. The tripod is bigger than that which comes with the 8 inch, but the mount is the same, which to be honest just is not good enough. Celestron claim the limit is this OTA, with a possibility of adding upto 5 lbs of extra bits, but even with me just changing out to a 2 inch diagonal, the stability is affected, for the worse, so I am not sure their facts, are true. I seriously wish I had bought the OTA, but with a better mount, such as the NEQ6 pro. Oh well, it is still usable for visual, but that is it, no matter what the advertising says. I might find a lighter OTA to go with the mount, for a portable scope and get a better mount for the 9.25 OTA, we will see.

It is a shame I have come to this conclusion, because the idea, the concept is really excellent, just a shame the execution of it is well below par. Just a few small changes would make this setup almost perfect I would say. I have considered sending an email to Celestron, but do not see any real point, they will not respond well, or at all probably! Hope this helps anyone else considering buying this setup, I cannot recommend it as it stands. 🙁


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Q1. Does the new Evolution series feature Celestron's polar align feature? ?

The polar align feature is built in to the included NexStar+ hand controller. The app will have this feature in a later update (estimated Summer 2014). The polar alignment feature is only used when the telescope is mounted on the optional wedge.

Q2. What is the life expectancy of the built in battery?

Celestron have used long life lithium iron phosphate batteries with numerous advantages over traditional lithium cobalt oxide designs, and even more against standard lead acid designs. The built in battery is rated to sustain two thousand charge cycles and has a life expectancy of 10 years! This greatly exceeds the battery longevity of most consumer products. So, while the battery is user-replaceable, batteries should not normally need to be replaced if reasonable care is given to keep them charged. Note that unlike lead acid batteries, the lithium iron phosphate batteries don't have charge memory and can be drained 100% without damage. Just be sure to keep the battery charged every 3 to 6 months, and expect the battery to last many years.

Q3. Can the battery be replaced?

Yes - Celestron have confirmed that the battery can be replaced by the user but please see the question above for more information about the life expectancy of the battery.