Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble Space Telescope

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Model:  hubble

An excellent choice for the ambitious astronomer. 

Manufactured in 1990, this 2.4m Cassegrain Reflector telescope features Ritchey-Chrétien optics with two hyperbolic mirrors and a number of built-in imaging devices including a wide-field camera for near-ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared photography and a sophisticated spectrograph for determining a target's temperature, chemical composition, density and motion. Perfect for the study of dark energy, dark matter and the formation of individual stars. 

For best results use at high altitude. 

Buyer collects (we can provide bubble-wrap and polystyrene packing chips, if that helps).

This sale is not covered by our 30-day returns policy. 

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Hubble bubble....
Wednesday, 3 June 2020  | 

Very interested in purchasing the hubble telescope. as soon as i can find a fork mount big enough i'm sure i will be in business. Just need to ask a few neighbours to move out so i can demolish their houses to make space, and chop down a local wooded area and i'm sure i will be ready to go.

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Not bad for its age
Sunday, 17 May 2020  | 

I read lots of good reviews on Cloudy Nights so thought I would give this a try. It's not bad for a thirty year old product and they seem to have sorted the optics. However, my laptop crashes every time I run the 'deep field' function and I just don't have all night to wait for the admittedly very accurate GOTO. I prefer freezing in a field at 3am with my Norton's Star Atlas so it's going to have to be a 'no' from me for the Hubble Telescope Company

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No eyepieces.
Thursday, 16 April 2020  | 

So this arrived in the post in a Space Shuttle, with a load of bubblewrap. It produced fuzzy images at first but FLO tech support did a great job and I was surprised that a team of 7 turned up in a Space Shuttle to fix it. Seemed excessive but there was no charge... Its produced some pretty good images, although the instructions are a little complex for a beginner. I quite like the auto-track gizmo which seems to use some sort of whirlygig to keep it really steady. Eyepieces are not supplied, which was stingy given the price tag, although the TDRS data package was thrown in. A service team turned up in yet another Space Shuttle and changed a couple of bits, although they broke a handle off when they did it FLO hsve been really good and offered me a small compensation package, and the handle makes no difference...

Overall recommended, but haggle for those eyepieces folks.

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Monday, 7 October 2019  | 

poor quality....
wait for the James Webb Space Telescope.
but if you insist buying it take the updated one...

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Disappointed from ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha
Tuesday, 13 August 2019  | 

The courier I used to collect from FLO stated he/she/it posted my parcel through the letterbox, but I somehow doubt that. The sofa on the stairs prevents the letterbox from opening. I tried contacting the courier company for a claims form but I get a recorded message to 'go stick my head in a pig'. FLO have sent out a new batch of bubble-wrap and polystyrene packing chips for me to jump up and down on but sorry, it does NOT help.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019  | 

I require 2 of the above mention telescopes, but sadly only one in stock …...

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Thursday, 16 May 2019  | 

Sadly returned. was nowhere near meeting my expectations. Firstly, the packaging was excessive in the extreme. Secondly, there was no supplied Dovetail, and I'm not convinced my tripod could have coped anyway. Lastly, and most annoyingly, my new desiccant cap bought specifically didn't fit anywhere at all.
The manual was hugely impressive however.

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Where do you put the eyepiece?
Thursday, 25 April 2019  | 

Was very annoyed to discover that there was no where to put my eyepiece - future buyers please note, this is NOT a visual scope! Thanks FLO for their speedy response in swapping for a much more useful Heritage 130P.

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Took my breath away
Wednesday, 17 April 2019  | 

Firstly can I say it has potential.

On arrival I discovered three immediate problems; a complete lack of oxygen; sub zero temperatures (though I did bring a dew shield); and no diagonal that accepted 2 inch eyepieces.

The lack of any sort of flooring was soon overcome with a tether and a willingness to view upside down rather than rotate the scope within its tube rings. This was slightly hampered by my corneas glazing over. As for a tripod, it would appear the previous owner had completely omitted this from the sale particulars so I guess ‘bought as advertised’ kicked in.

As for the plus points;

Polar alignment wasn’t an issue.
Celestron hadn’t any involvement with auto star align.
PEC wa basically zero.
The wife turning on the house lights couldn’t be seen from my current altitude.

Overall this has great potential. I just need a lift back home now.

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poor support
Saturday, 12 January 2019  | 

The ground support at this time is very poor due to pending contract disputes of a vertical barrier nature

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Q1. How much for the "Hubble"?

The price for the Hubble will be decided by auction at a later date. You should consider additional expenses before making a bid though, as there will be other expenditure required should you win the bid. One of the most expensive additions will be the custom made Pyrex gloves needed, as the Hubble will be collection only from somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, and it will likely be a little hot!!! :-)

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