Optec FocusLynx QuickSync MEF Motor

Optec FocusLynx QuickSync MEF Motor

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Model:  optec_focuslynx_quicksync
Part Number:  19765

19765 - QuickSync MEF Motor for the Takahashi focuser

The #19765 QuickSync MEF motor with built-in clutch mechanism and temperature sensor allows both manual and motorized control with a simple twist of the motor housing.  QuickSync MEF can be ordered separately or as part of the FocusLynx MEF Kit

Designed especially for the Takahashi MEF Dual-Speed focusers, the QuickSync MEF features simple installation and an elegant design. The QuickSync motors are fully compatibility with the FocusLynx Control Hub making QuickSync the very best choice for motorising any Takahashi telescope with the dual-speed MEF (Micro-Edge Focuser). 

  • Takahashi FS series with MEF focuser,
  • Takahashi FSQ-85ED, FSQ-106ED,
  • Takahashi TOA-130, TOA-150,
  • Takahashi TSA series with MEF focuser,
  • Any other Takahashi telescopes with MEF dual-speed focuser.

Older Takahashi rack-and-pinion focusers may have an original MEF with two silver knobs rather than a black fine-focus knob.  The black knob MEF has a 7:1 reduction and is manufactured in Japan by Takahashi, while the early silver version was made in the U.S.A and features a 10:1 reduction.  If your focuser is the U.S. version with silver knobs, be sure to specify the #19765-US item.

  • Material:  6061 aluminium, anodised black with gold knob,
  • Length:  6.3" (160mm)
  • Width:  3.2" (81.4mm)
  • Weight: 6.4 oz (180 g)
  • Tools Required:  1/16" and 7/64" hex keys (included)
  • Motor Cable:    Standard Cat-5e or Cat-6 (6-ft. length included)
  • Connection to FocusLynx:  Focuser 1 or Focuser 2 port- RJ45 socket


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