Optec Libra Alt-Az Adjustable Mount

Optec Libra Alt-Az Adjustable Mount

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Model:  optec_libra

Optec Libra Alt-Az Adjustable Mount

Aligning two co-axial telescopes has always been a challenge.  Scope rings require adjusting up to six individual screws to provide alignment.  Then the slightest bump can knock the telescopes out of alignment. 

The Libra Alt-Az mount was designed to make this alignment task simple and painless.  Using a pair of clamps on one side to attach the female dovetail receiver to an existing male D-plate, the #19230 will fit directly on to any "D" style dovetail bar.  A second pair of larger knobs on the opposite side provide both altitude and azimuth adjustments.  A locking thumb nut secures the fine thread adjustment shaft for easy "no tools" installation and configuration. 


  • D-plate Width:  4.00"
  • Overall Width with knobs: 5" to 8"
  • Overall Height (level): 2.65" (2.3" to 3.0")
  • Overall Length:  12.25"
  • Clamp Width:    2.5"
  • Altitude Adjustment:  4-degrees
  • Azimuth Adjustment:  9-degrees
  • Clamp Fasteners:  3/4" knurled aluminum
  • Alt-Az Knobs:    1-1/2" knurled aluminum
  • Knob Color Options:  Natural, Orange, Blue
  • Weight: 5 lb. 15 oz (2.7 kg)
  • Payload Capacity:    25-lbs.
  • Safety:  Two 1/4"-20 knobs on male dovetail (NEW!)

Compatible With

  • Optec Libra "D" series dovetail systems,
  • Losmandy D series dovetail systems,
  • Celestron dovetail bar,
  • Farpoint D series dovetails systems,
  • ADM "D" Series dovetail systems,
  • Robin Casady's dovetail systems.


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