Vixen  Polar-Scope with Illuminator for GP2 & GPE

Vixen Polar-Scope with Illuminator for GP2 & GPE

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About this product

Model:  vixen-polar-scope-3912
Part Number:  73912

A set comprising polar scope, RA & Dec Scales, Polar axis adjustment scale, and polar axis cap for the Vixen GP2 & GPE (Great Polaris) mounts.

  • Wide 8 degree field of view, 6x magnification, 20mm objective.
  • Removable illuminator which doubles as a variable brightness red flashlight.
  • Etched reticules for Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
  • Adjustable date and time scale dial.
  • Machine setting circles with graduated markings (24 hrs. in RA, subdivided into 10 min. increments, and +/-90° in Dec).

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