StellaLyra Premium Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece
 StellaLyra Premium Cheshire Collimating EyepieceStellaLyra Premium Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece 

StellaLyra Premium Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece

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Model:  Prem_Cheshire

The essential accessory for anyone owning a Newtonian telescope.

This premium combined Cheshire Collimator with Sight Tube is manufactured for us here in the UK to a very high standard. Beautifully machined and anodised with a clearly etched cross on the target face and a precisely centred wire reticle.

The sighting tube’s narrow field of view and crosshairs provide a centring reference for the telescope’s optical elements. The Cheshire eyepiece has a means of providing illumination to a target face (set at 45 degrees to the illuminating hole) that will be used to collimate the primary mirror.


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Good Tool for Newtonian Owners
26 October 2023  | 

This is a well constructed, sturdy tool which greatly simplifies the task of collimation a Newtonian. Whilst there is a wealth of online descriptions of how to carry out the job, I feel it would be helpful for a guide to be bundled with the tool.

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StellaLyra Premium Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece
29 July 2023  | 

Excellent, well made tool. Got my RC mirrors aligned in no time.
Also thank you to the staff at FLO for their help. Some very useful advice.
Now my one stop shop for astronomy gear.

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Only received half the Collimator!!
08 June 2023  | 

Entire top section missing! Pin hole eye plate on top and internal diagonal section in top part completely missing. Also just comes in bubble wrap. Maybe just my luck, cannot recommend, would buy something else and not risk the hassle of returns and refunds incase you receive something like this. Would add photos if I could! How does something like that even slip through. I know itís a low value item but surprised with FLO.


Unfortunately it sounds like one of the separate components that makes up this item got mixed in with the finished / assembled items. I'm sorry this was not spotted by us prior to dispatch. We will get another unit out to you asap.

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30 January 2023  | 

Not sure why I even bothered with a laser collimator, being that it also needs collimation. so, I bought the StellaLyra Premium to keep it simple. I works brilliantly and feels very good quality. Its easy to use if youre new to Astro as I am and well priced by FLO.

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StellaLyra Premium Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece
28 October 2022  | 

Perfect for my collimation, weighted and with good length, so it stays in the focuser without screwing down. Once it clicks what you need to look for and to adjust, it's a breeze. It does not need collimating as there is no lazer. Definitely recommend.

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Expensive for what it does
12 October 2021  | 

A substantial piece that has the advantage of being able to be clamped at varying 'heights' instead of the single position like a lens. At it's lowest position, the weight is sufficient to hold it parallel to the focuser without any tilting away from the axis.
I don't know if the cross-hairs on the aluminium angled reflector is meant to be used as such, and is sufficiently accurate, but it is possible to see an alignment difference by overlaying the reflected wire cross-hairs at the bottom of the tube with the ones on the aluminium piece. On my scope, it indictaed that the axis of the focusser to be out by a considerable amount using this method and would entail significant shimming of the focuser tube to correct it. I can't believe that the focuser tube is so far out of alignment. Instructions would be useful to advise if this was the intended use. Also, I had to adjust the aluminium etched cross-hairs to be in line with the wire cross-hairs.

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High quality at an affordable price
06 September 2021  | 

Very nice Cheshire. You can feel the quality of the product and is very easy to use. Looks great in the red as well.

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Brand New to astronomy
25 August 2021  | 

As a person with zero astronomy experience I depend on suggestions from others on what equipment to buy. It was suggested to me to get the Cheshire Collimating eyepiece. But when I received it it came with no instructions or guidance on how to use it. Eventually I will get help. Should come with a bit of a clue how to use it.


Instruction manuals are something definitely lacking on most astronomy products. We are having a manual produced for these which we hope to include in future.

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24 June 2021  | 

Fantastic piece of kit. The engraved cross hair on the 45 degree face is a genius addition as it allows you to judge when the dot is bang in the middle of the donut.

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Robust and accurate
02 May 2021  | 

It's sturdy and precise.

Some criticism about lasers, but have to say I use this Cheshire collimator in combination with my AstroEssentials laser I received from FLO and I am getting close to perfect results.

The Cheshire does a splendid job of aligning the secondary under the focuser, and the laser is superb especially at aligning the primary as my telescope's focal length is too long to adjust the primary while simultaneously looking through the focuser. I finish everything off with a quick peek through a collimation cap and I am always pleased with the results.

The important things to ensure are that the laser itself is collimated, both the Cheshire and laser sit flush in the focuser, and that the telescope tube is not horizontal as that can tip the primary mirror forward and as soon as you point the telescope upright, collimation is lost.

There isn't any instructions with it but I don't think there usually is, even with lasers.

The service from FLO is always A1

5 Stars from me!

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Q1. I have a Celestron 114EQ short. This has a lens at the end of the focusing tube. I take it that to collimate this you would need to remove this lens?

Yes - this lens will need to be removed before collimation.

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