Nirvana-ES UWA-82º Ultrawide Eyepieces

Nirvana-ES UWA-82º Ultrawide Eyepieces

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Model:  ovl_nirvana_ep_4mm
Part Number:  20972

These ultra-wide angle 1.25” eyepieces offer surprisingly good views! 

The huge 82-degree apparent field of view, good field-edge correction and high contrast combine to provide a wonderfully immersive viewing experience.

They are constructed with seven fully broadband multi-coated lens elements in 4 groups. This, together with edge-blackened optics and internal baffling, provides bright, high-contrast views.

Parfocal design means little, if any, refocusing is required when switching between the three eyepieces. 

All have large eye-lens elements, soft fold-down rubber eyecups and 12mm eye relief. 

The threaded nosepiece accepts regular 1.25” astronomy filters.

Weight approx 170g.

Note: These new eyepieces feature the same optics and coatings as the previous Nirvana models but have a slightly different mechanical design. 

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These Nirvana lenses reviewed by ‘BBC Sky at Night’ mag
02 September 2023  | 

‘BBC Sky at Night’ say “…good value eyepieces…” “…significant step-up from eyepieces bundled with telescope …” “ if you only buy one buy the 7mm”
I bought the 7mm and think it’s excellent.

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Nirvana-ES UWA-82º 7MM
25 July 2023  | 

Only have a handful of eyepieces that I can compare this eyepiece with but I must say that for £85 it's well worth getting one.

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Nice eyepiece at F5
12 February 2023  | 

Still getting to grips with it. Works very well with an F5 130pds. I'll admit that going from 60 to 82° FOV wasn't as much of a game changer as I thought it was, going back to my 60° eyepiece felt claustrophobic. All in all a very nice viewing experience. No sign of black outs and nice large field.

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Really nice upgrade!
20 October 2022  | 

Was looking for something to replace my 10mm EP that came with my 250p. After much thinking I’d settled on the 7mm. Giving 171x in my scope the views are stunning with the 82 degree AFOV. It’s such an immersive view and looks like you’re actually floating in space.
Would definitely consider buying others in the 82 degree range as I can’t see myself going back to narrower fields of view. Nice, sharp, contrasty views, and is a huge step up in performance from the supplied 10mm EP.
FLO were flawless and this was delivered very fast and came really well packaged. Can’t recommend them enough!

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7mm,16mm OVL 82°
10 February 2021  | 

Both OVL7,16s have very comfortable nice sized, sturdy rubber eyequards, a GREAT feature + Sharp field stops.

The 7 and 16 have some pincushion distortion at the edges like the equivalent Naglers..They're sharp but the small eyerelief may be a prob for eyeglass wearers...A little kidneybeaning was noted daytime like my 7 or 9 Naglers, which in fact have more.

The 16 OVL esp is a Gem at the price , only just behind my Razor sharp 16Nag and better optically than a 15 Omni Plossl I used .

The 16 OVL has a BIG field stop~25mm and thus HUGE F.O.V and its VERY ENJOYABLE
to look through, unlike my 16 Nagler which has little eyerelief,the 16 OVL though is not really eyeglass friendly as is the won't see all the field so a 17mm Morpheus may be a better choice.

Little scatter is evident in the 7,16 OVLs around bright objects like Rigel, the Moon.

Bright objects viz Moon just outside the field of view can produce some light intrusion into the field but did not affect me splitting Algieba easily.

Both 7,16 OVLs have pretty good contrast on the Moon for a 7 Element designed EP...Uranus looked a Lovely, Crisply defined, BRIGHT blue/green in the 6 inch StellaLyra Classical Cass using the 16; recommended for non tracking mounts.

With the OVL 7mm you'd need to go to a 7Abbe Ortho, 7mm Delite, Pentax 7xw or 6.5 Morpheus to see any performance differences at much greater cost..DITTO the lovely 16mm IMHO and still those differences would need to be pointed out to non discriminating observers.

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Skywatcher Nirvana 16mm
25 September 2020  | 

I'm from California and I would recommend First Light Optics any time for any purchase from them. I figured I wouldn't get my Nirvana for about a Month and I was blown away on how quick it got to United State in California. I will continue to buy from here.
I recommend this very beautiful Gem of an Eyepiece. Your getting a whole lot for your money. This is a sleeper.

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08 July 2020  | 

Great product.. Nirvana ES 4mm eyepiece.
82 deg. Does exactly what it says on the tin.. Used with stock 28mm 2" eyepiece with Explorer 130PDS...all purchased together..... And AZ5 mount... All in all
A fantastic package.. All arrived together.. In days.. Great service from FLO.. 👍

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The 16 mm is a great little eyepiece
03 May 2020  | 

I have had this eyepiece for around a year now and it performs well in all my telescopes, including a short tube refractor, a Maksutov and an SCT. I particularly like it as a "finder" eyepiece in my small refractor, and as a lunar eyepiece in my SCT. It is a lovely size, giving a wide field of view (for a 1.25" eyepiece) while still being small and light. Another nice thing is it looks right at home alongside my Explore Scientific eyepieces which are very similar in style.


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