Paramount and MKS 5000 Hand Paddle/Joystick

Paramount and MKS 5000 Hand Paddle/Joystick

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About this product

Model:  paramount_sb10228
Part Number:  SB10228

Paramount MKS 5000 controlled hand paddle / joystick.

This hand paddle is included with all Paramount mounts that use the MKS 5000 control system, including:

  • Paramount MYT
  • Paramount MX/MX+
  • Paramount ME II
  • Paramount Taurus Model 400
  • Paramount Taurus Model 500
  • Paramount Taurus Model 600
  • This hand paddle is also compatible with MKS 4000-controlled Paramount MEs provided the MKS 4000 firmware version 2.8.6 is installed on the MKS 4000.

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