Antlia 50mm Photometric Sloan GRIZ Filters

Antlia 50mm Photometric Sloan GRIZ Filters

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Antlia 50mm Photometric Sloan GRIZ Filters

The Sloan Digital Sky Survery (SDSS) photometric system is the most common filter set used by observatory today. Antlia Photometric Sloan filter set includes four filters covering 400nm to the sensitivity limit of silicon CCD cameras near 1100nm. Ion Gun Assisted Deposition coating technology on the double-sided polished substrate makes them the most consistent, durable and accurate filters. Antlia Sloan filters have almost total suppression of optical density (OD)5,the result is that our photometric sloan filters minimise the already small leakage and create a superior contrast.

IMPORTANT: These filters are NOT designed for observing or photographing the Sun. DO NOT use these filters to observe or photograph the Sun. If you do it will result in permanent eye damage! 


  • Wider transmission windows, which allow fainter objects to be measured in a shorter time
  • Antlia Sloan griz' filter set is suitable from f/15 to f/1.8
  • Peak transmission guaranteed > 98%(g’>95%)
  • Identical filter thickness to existing standards, with utmost care for parfocality
  • Each filter coated individually, NOT cut out of a larger coatings plate
  • 1/4-wave propagated wavefront prior to coating
  • Edge blackened to eliminate internal reflections from stray light
  • 3mm+/-0.05mm glass thickness
  • Fine-optically polished on both sides 

Transmission Chart


Filter Name Wavelength Peak Transmission Blocking Filter Thickness
g’ 400-550nm 95% ≥OD5 3mm+/-0.05mm
r’ 555-705nm 98% ≥OD5 3mm+/-0.05mm
i’ 688-850nm 98% ≥OD5 3mm+/-0.05mm
z’ >812nm 98% ≥OD5 3mm+/-0.05mm


Due to the mediocre quantum efficiency of cameras in ultraviolet band range, Antlia do not produce a u’ (300nm-400nm) filter.

Antlia Photometric Sloan Filters set can be purchased individually.

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