Planewave Hedrick Focuser for CDK14/17/20/24 Telescopes

Planewave Hedrick Focuser for CDK14/17/20/24 Telescopes

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Model:  planewave_hedrick

The Hedrick focuser was designed by Richard Hedrick, one of the co-founders of PlaneWave Instruments. It is a heavy duty non-slip focuser that is capable of handling instrument payloads of up to 9kg/20lbs.

The (inner) focusing tube runs on 5 bearings and is driven by a lead-screw so there is no chance of slipping. The focusing process may be automated using a computer using PlaneWave's EFA Kit add-on kit. The focuser comes with a pre-installed motor that can be controlled with the EFA hand control or via software. The draw tube travel is 33mm/1.3".

When using the Hedrick focuser with the optional PlaneWave EFA kit , you can remotely control the focuser using PlaneWave's PWI control PC software.  Alternatively the focuser can be controlled from within the MaximDL software package.


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