Baader Outdoor Telescope Power Supply (12.8V / 1.5A)

Baader Outdoor Telescope Power Supply (12.8V / 1.5A)
 Baader Outdoor Telescope Power Supply (12.8V / 1.5A)Baader Outdoor Telescope Power Supply (12.8V / 1.5A) 


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Model:  baader_psu_2457620
Part Number:  2457620
Brand:  Baader

The Baader 12.8 volt / 1.5 Amp switching power supply is an excellent choice for use with modern telescopes/mounts up to and including the popular Celestron SLT and Skywatcher AZ GOTO series (excluding the AZ EQ6 GT). Whilst more expensive than budget department store power supplies, the Baader power supply is designed for outdoor use and offers a number of advantages: 

Conventional power supplies with 12V nominal voltage are made for use in your living room but when used outside in the cold the voltage will reduce. At around -10°C the voltage output might be as low as 10.5 V. The motors of many telescope mounts behave erratically when underpowered. Indeed most telescope/mount ‘faults’ can be traced to an inadequate low quality power supply.

Baader's Outdoor Telescope Power supply provides sufficient continuous power even when used outside in winter. 

The connecting cord is 2.5m long. This is longer than usual to enable convenient placement.

If someone trips over the lead or the cable becomes tangled and strained the connecting elbowed plug will release without ripping or damaging the telescope/mount’s power socket. 

Note: This power supply has a water resistant casing but should not be used in wet conditions. 

Features and specification

  • Output 12.8V DC/ 1.5 Amp (19 Watt)
  • From 90V to 260V AC
  • Made for outdoor application
  • High power reserve for cold temperatures
  • Water resistant housing
  • 2.5m ( 8.25´) telescope cord
  • Protective-disconnect elbowed plug

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