Pulsar Anti-Vibration Observatory Pier v2
Pulsar Anti-Vibration Observatory Pier v2Pulsar Anti-Vibration Observatory Pier v2Pulsar Anti-Vibration Observatory Pier v2

Pulsar Anti-Vibration Observatory Pier v2

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Model:  pulsar_pier_v2

Heavy duty, anti-vibration Pulsar Observatory Pier V2

Over 1000 Pulsar anti-vibration observatory piers are installed in observatories across the UK and EU, and owners are delighted with its performance. 

The original anti-vibration pier was designed by Robert Dalby (over a decade ago!). This updated V2 Pier is a new lighter-weight model. 


  • 6.5" diameter steel pipe with 4mm wall thickness. 
  • Welded top. 
  • Three wide stitch-welded steel fins run almost the pier's entire length. 
  • 370mm diameter steel base. 
  • Finished in Black Paint (conveniently matches most matte-black touch-up paints). 
  • Owls Nest
  • Additional Cable Access Holes

The materials and dimensions are important, but so is the welding because when two pieces of metal are welded together, they are put under tension.  These tensions are understood and incorporated into the pier design.  When bolted to a flat concrete base, the Pulsar observatory pier effectively suppresses vibration (it doesn't ring like a bell when struck)!  You will not need to fill it with sand like with lesser designs! 

The adjustable platform myth*  

The myth is that astronomy piers need an adjustable platform to achieve a perfect level.  It is not true because a GEQ mount's RA axis is polar aligned, so it is independent of the pier's top plate.  This is fortunate because fitting a mount to an adjustable platform, which is in turn fitted to some stud bolts, defeats the purpose of having a solid all-welded pier.  But what about Azimuth rotation?  This isn't necessary either because astronomy mounts have integrated azimuth adjustment (it is necessary to know where North is when fitting a pier to its concrete base, but that isn't difficult).  

Pulsar's anti-vibration observatory pier does not have an adjustable platform.  Instead, it features a solid welded top that accepts a precision CNC-machined Multi Pier Adapter Plate (utilises the industry standard Meade bolt pattern) that accepts most GEQ astronomy mounts, including the following from iOptron, Sky-Watcher and Celestron. 

Sky-Watcher EQ3-2 Pro, EQ5 Pro, HEQ5 Pro, AZ-EQ5 GT, NEQ6, AZ-EQ6GT & EQ6R-Pro. 

Celestron CG-5, AVX, CGem, CGem DX, CGX, CGX-L, CGE & CGE Pro. 

iOptron CEM60, CEM70

It will also fit the Bresser EXOS series and most Vixen-style mounts, including GP GPDX variants. 

A conveniently positioned 'Owls nest' provides easy access to the mount's central fixing bolt. 

Custom adapter plates are available by request for other mounts, including those from Paramount and 10 Micron. We can also drill & tap additional holes if required (please get in touch with us).


  • Height - 1100mm
  • Base plate diameter - 370mm. 
  • Weight: 27kg

The Pulsar anti-vibration pier is bolted directly to a suitable concrete floor or building block.  A pier fitting kit is available separately. 

Note: Please purchase together with a Pulsar Multi Pier Adapter Plate to suit your mount. 

* This myth began, we suspect, because early DIY pier designs were based on a poured concrete or wooden pillar, requiring an adjustable platform.  An all-welded pier does not.  These DIY designs spread via social media to such an extent that today even some commercially available piers unwittingly include the same adjustable platform! 

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