Pulsar Observatories Induction Charger for Shutter Drive

Pulsar Observatories Induction Charger for Shutter Drive

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Model:  pulsar_induction_charger

Our new Pulsar Induction Charger is a fantastic upgrade to the Pulsar Shutter Drive. Our drive features an internal Lithium Ion battery which is normally charged by a solar charger mounted to the outside of the observatory dome. Our new Induction charger is not only more efficient, but is also mounted inside the dome on the rotation drive housing. The charging and battery details are readily accessible through the rotation drive control box so you can monitor the status of your shutter battery. This is a great addition to your observatory, and one we are very proud of!
Please contact us if you wish to upgrade an existing Pulsar drive system as some modification may be required to your drive.

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