David Chandler Night Reader Pro LED Torch
 David Chandler Night Reader Pro LED TorchDavid Chandler Night Reader Pro LED Torch 

David Chandler Night Reader Pro LED Torch

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The little light with a big performance!

Purpose-made for astronomy, this handy dimmable red LED light can be used at high intensity for walking about and then set to a lower intensity for comfortable use with an atlas or planisphere. 

It uses only a 630nm red LED light, so it will never accidentally blast you with white light.  The intensity of the light can be adjusted from a soft red glow, perfect for reading a planisphere or atlas, to a bright beam, useful when setting up equipment or walking around a dark observing site. 

It can take up to 45 minutes for the human eye to completely adapt to darkness as a protein called Rhodopsin builds up in the rod cells.  Once your night vision is adapted, you might be surprised at how many more objects are visible and how much better you can see details in faint objects.  Unfortunately, it takes only a few seconds of bright white light from a flashlight or cell phone display to deplete your night vision!  The longer wavelength red light produced by the Night Reader Pro™ is detected by your eye's cone cells but does not deplete Rhodopsin in your rod cells.  This allows you to read a chart or atlas and immediately return to viewing the sky.  

Your neighbours at a star party will also appreciate your using an astronomy torch when setting up and moving around. 

Chandler Night Sky planispheres are printed with blue ink specifically selected to work with red light for ease of viewing. 

Includes a quick-clip keychain attachment so it can be kept close at hand, and the CR2032 alkaline battery is replaceable to reduce waste. 

Made in the USA.

Night Reader Pro – Instructions

The Night Reader Pro™ uses advanced programming and provides several features whilst using only a single button: 

Instant Full Power On/Off 

Press and release the button for instant on at full power. Press and release to turn the light off again. 

Adjustable Brightness 

From off:
Press and hold until desired brightness is reached. 
The light will blink once when it has reached the highest setting. 

From Full Brightness: 
Press and hold until desired brightness is reached. 
The light will blink once when it has reached the lowest setting. 

Note: You can continue to ramp up or down from any brightness setting, not just from On or Off. 

To exit this mode, turn the light off. 

Three-Minute Timer Mode 

The three Minute Timer mode automatically shuts the light Off after three minutes. While in this mode, you have full access to the full range of brightness control, the three strobe beacons and automatic SOS, all of which will shut off after three minutes. This mode is great because it allows you to use the light's full functionality and is a guarantee against accidental battery drain. 

To access this mode, press the button rapidly four times or until the light only stays on when pressed. Next, press and hold the button, and the light will turn itself Off; continue to hold the button for another five seconds, and the light will blink once to let you know you are now in Three Minute Timer mode. 

To exit this mode, press the button rapidly four times or until the light stays on only when pressed. Next, hold the button for four seconds or until the light shuts off. And you have exited the Three Minute Timer mode! 

Strobe Beacons 

Beacon mode gives you a Slow, Medium or Fast Strobe and an automatic SOS signal mode. Great for use as emergency warning lights, trail markers, or to attract attention in any situation. 

To Access from either Off or On 
Press and hold. The light will ramp up or down in brightness and then blink once. Continue holding the button down after the single blink. You have reached the Slow strobe, continue holding to reach the Medium and Fast strobe, and continue holding to get the SOS signal mode.  Release the button when the desired beacon mode is reached.  In SOS signal mode, the light will flash the letters S-O-S in Morse Code. 

To exit any of these modes, turn the light off. 

Signal/Momentary Mode 

Momentary mode changes your light from constant On to squeeze On/Off. The light will not stay on when this mode is activated unless the button is pushed and held. This is useful when carrying your light on your keys or in a bag. It also allows you to use the light as a signalling device. 

To access this mode, press the button rapidly four times or until the light stays on only when pressed. 

To exit this mode, press and hold the button until the light turns off (about 4 seconds). 

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Mighty Mite
28 June 2022  | 

I've had a number of red light flashlights over the years and this one is the smallest and best of the lot. I was a bit put off by the small size in the ad photo, but fear not this thing kicks photons out like nobodies business. It also dims down to ultra dim to allow a wide range for differing conditions. The price is excellent for the quality. Highly recommended.

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Love this little Red LED torch
10 May 2022  | 

Terrific value little red LED torch with adjustable brightness. Tiny and now living on my keyring so I don't lose it. Being able to adjust brightness is the real value for me here - I'm very happy with it.

Rating (max 5):  
Small package with a BIG punch!
05 January 2022  | 

It's hard to believe that such a small torch can provide such an amazing amount of illumination. It is easy to use, exceptionally light (excuse the pun!) I honestly don't know how I managed without one. Highly recommended.

Rating (max 5):  
Very good
27 April 2021  | 

Very good quality

Rating (max 5):  
A must have for Newbie Astronomers
18 January 2021  | 

Iíve recently started out my journey, armed with a book to explore the stars. I found vision affected using a standard torch and decided to add this to my purchase of 10x50 bins. Itís tiny but is very powerful and perfect to use to refer back to maps. I found myself being able to enjoy a stargazing session without having to readjust to seeing in the dark every time I wanted to refer back to something in the book. Itís designed well with a clip, so you can attach it to your keys or the strap for your bins.

Rating (max 5):  
Excellent product
09 September 2020  | 

It is smaller than expected, but the light given off is more than expected. A nice red light for reading and doing other things and not losing your night sight.

Rating (max 5):  
Night Reader
06 April 2020  | 

A small torch and wasn't expecting much, but I was mistaken. A really bright beam that illuminated my equipment boxes and it can also be dimmed to a required level. Top piece of kit for any astronomer.

Rating (max 5):  
Real good
09 January 2020  | 

Good Light with different power settings

Rating (max 5):  
Very Effective Red Light - Where to Place It?
24 September 2019  | 

Small but powerful red light device, with usual excellent delivery from FLO. The torch is of a key-ring design, and my first thought was where do I position it.

In the end, I found that the most effective position was on my coat zipper, which when zipped up, is situated just below my chin. Light intensity is nicely adjustable.

A good cost-effective purchase. Recommended.

Rating (max 5):  
25 June 2019  | 


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