TS 2'' 1x Field Flattener for f/4-f/9 Refractors

TS 2" 1x Field Flattener for f/4-f/9 Refractors

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Model:  ts_tsflat2
Part Number:  TSFLAT2

This TS FLAT2 Field Flattener is designed for APO/ED and Fraunhofer refractor telescopes with focal ratios of f/4 to f/9. 


  • Good even illumination - can be used with full format sensors
  • Generous back focus distance of between 108mm to 128mm - depends on the focal length of the telescope
  • M48x.75 - 2" Filter thread connection on both Telescope and Camera sides
  • 2" Pushfit - fits any 2" focuser

Recommended back focus distances from M48x0.75 thread to the sensor.

The shorter the focal length of the refractor, the longer the back focus distance to the sensor.

<450mm: 128mm

450-490mm: 123mm

500-550mm: 118mm

560-590mm: 116mm

600-690mm: 113mm

700-800mm: 111mm

>800mm: 108mm


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