TS 2.5'' Flattener for APO Refractors
 TS 2.5'' Flattener for APO RefractorsTS 2.5'' Flattener for APO Refractors 

TS 2.5" Flattener for APO Refractors

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About this product

Model:  ts_tsflat2.5
Part Number:  TSFlat2.5

The TS FLAT2.5 is a full format Field Flattener designed for APO/ED Refractors and provides excellent correction and illumination up to a 55mm diameter imaging circle.


  • Very good illumination, can be used with large sensors up to 55mm diagonal
  • Generous back focus distance of between 87mm to 106mm
  • Suitable for all refractors, the requirement is a focuser with minimum 2.5 "diameter drawtube.


  • Excellent illumination and correction of image fields up to 55mm diameter
  • Suitable for all refractors. Minimum requirement 2.5" or larger focuser
  • Telescope side M68x1 thread. Can be adapted to other threads
  • Camera side M69x1 female thread
  • Back focus distance of 87mm to 106mm - depends on the telescope being used
  • Matt black internal surfaces with anti reflective threads
  • Weight: 300g

Recommended Back Focus Distances

  • Focal length <500mm: 106mm
  • Focal Length 510-600mm: 101mm
  • Focal Length 610-700mm: 96mm
  • Focal Length 710-800mm: 91mm
  • Focal Length 810-950mm: 88mm
  • Focal Length >1000mm: 87mm


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