TS 3'' M68 Flattener for f/8 RC Telescopes
 TS 3'' M68 Flattener for f/8 RC TelescopesTS 3'' M68 Flattener for f/8 RC Telescopes 

TS 3" M68 Flattener for f/8 RC Telescopes

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About this product

Model:  ts_tsrcflat3
Part Number:  TSRCFlat3

TS M68 Flat 3 Ritchey Chretien Flattener for F8 RC Telescopes.

This Flattener was developed for all F8 RC telescopes with a 2.5" or larger focuser.

Corrects the field without altering the focal length.

The large clear 60 mm aperture enables full illumination of full-frame size sensors with suitable adaption.

The TSRCFLAT3 has a male M68x1 thread telescope side.

Adapters are available for all established focusers.

The adaption to the female M69x1 thread of the Linear Bearing / Monorail focusers found on GSO / StellaLyra/ TS 10" and larger RC Telescopes is particularly important.

For adapting the TSRCFLAT3 to the StellaLyra 10" RC, you will need the following: 

  • M68a ... adapter to convert the focuser to male M68x1 thread
  • M68i-M68i ... conversion adapter from male to female M68x1 thread

The corrector provides a generous working distance of 89.5 mm from the female M69x1 thread at the camera side. We offer all the necessary adaptors for attaching your camera at the optimal distance.


  • Telescope Side Connection: M68x1 - male - 5mm length
  • Camera Side Connection: M69x1 - female
  • Cell diameter: 74mm
  • Back Focus Distance: 89.5mm +/- 2mm
  • Weight: 300g
  • Length without adapter and connecting thread: 42mm


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