TS 3'' M68 Flattener for f/8 RC Telescopes
 TS 3'' M68 Flattener for f/8 RC TelescopesTS 3'' M68 Flattener for f/8 RC Telescopes 

TS 3" M68 Flattener for f/8 RC Telescopes

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About this product

Model:  ts_tsrcflat3
Part Number:  TSRCFlat3

TS M68 Flat 3 Ritchey Chretien Flattener for F8 RC Telescopes.

This Flattener was developed for all F8 RC telescopes with a 2.5" or larger focuser.

Corrects the field without altering the focal length.

The large clear 60 mm aperture enables full illumination of full-frame size sensors with suitable adaption.

The TSRCFLAT3 has a male M68x1 thread telescope side.

Adapters are available for all established focusers

Particularly important is the adaption to the female M69x1 thread of the MONORAIL focusers found on GSO and StellaLyra 10" and larger RC Telescopes.

for adapting the TSRCFLAT3 to the Stella Lyra 10" RC you will need: 

  • M68a ... adapter to convert the focuser to male M68x1 thread
  • M68i-M68i ... conversion adapter from male to female M68x1 thread

The corrector provides a generous working distance of 89.5 mm from the female M69x1 thread at the camera side. We offer all necessary adaptors for attaching your camera with the optimal distance.


  • Telescope Side Connection: M68x1 - male - 5mm length
  • Camera Side Connection: M69x1 - female
  • Cell diameter: 74mm
  • Back Focus Distance: 89.5mm +/- 2mm
  • Weight: 300g
  • Length without adapter and connecting thread: 42mm


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