TS-Optics CCD Telecompressor for Ritchey-Chrétien

TS-Optics CCD Telecompressor for Ritchey-Chrétien

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Model:  ts_ccd47
Part Number:  TSCCD47

The TS telecompressor CCD47 was developed to reduce the focal length of RC (Ritchey-Chrétien) telescopes. 

Practical tests have shown excellent suitability for all telescopes with a flat field of view, such as apo's with a built-in corrector in the tube, Celestron EHD or Meade ACF telescopes, i.e. most flat field telescopes. We particularly recommend the compressor for GSO / StellaLyra / TS Optics / AstroTec Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes.


  • Insertion diameter is 2 "- easy adaptation to all focusers with 2" socket
  • With filter screw-in thread for 2 "filters on the telescope side
  • Connection of the camera via the M48x0.75 thread
  • Optimal working distance from the connection thread : 85 mm to to the camera sensor. Between 70-90 mm the results are very good.
  • Shortening factor is 0.67x - an RC with F / 8 becomes bright f / 5.3. A telescope with F / 10 still becomes F / 6, after all. 7. The exposure time is more than halved!
  • An illuminated image field of 29 mm enables the use of all camera sensors up to the APS-C format.


  • 2" Push fit
  • 2" Filter Thread telescope side
  • M48x.75 thread camera side
  • Physical length: 29.2mm
  • Back Focus Distance: 70-90mm - optimal results achieved around 85mm
  • Reduction Factor: 0.67x
  • Clear Aperture 44mm
  • Full Illumination at F8 - 29mm image circle

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