Baader LRGB CCD Filter set

Baader LRGB CCD Filter set

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Model:  Baader_lrgb_125
Part Number:  2458472

Baader's NEW line of premium quality Baader LRGBC filters are designed to compliment their narrowband emission line filters (H-beta/OIII/H-alpha/SII).


R Red


B Blue

C Clear-Glass-Filter

Note: The LRGB filters include IR-block coatings so the clear filter is necessary if you wish to image the full spectrum, including IR, otherwise you need only order the LRGB filters. All the filters, including the clear filter, are very nearly parfocal so there is little or no need to refocus between filter changes.

LPFC Low Profile Filter Cells

Full details HERE

In use at the Panther Observatory

Mechanical Properties:

  • The only high quality filters planoptically polished to 1/4 wave and parfocal.
  • 2mm glass thickness and LPFC Low Profile Filter Cells
  • Baader LRGBC filters have elaborate anti-reflection coatings for superior performance.
  • Each filter is coated separately, not just cut or bored from a large coated plate. Individual hard coatings ensure sealed edges that are impermeable to moisture (bored filters have the coating microcracked all around the edge).
  • Baader filters feature hard coatings that may be cleaned with Baader Optical Wonder fluid without scratches. 

Optical Properties:

  • Less reflections than competing designs.
  • RGB-imaging allows equal weighting factors for each channel, very important for automated imaging.
  • Designed for maximum contrast and with extremely high gradients for clear differentiation of colours.
  • OIII emission overlaps on B/G-filters with maximum transmission to allow efficient and natural colour imaging.
  • R-filter delivers maximum transmission for H-alpha and S II while efficiently cutting IR.
  • Gap between G/R-filters serves to reduce light pollution from Mercury and Sodium lamps and improves colour balance and separation.


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Baader LRGB filters
23 May 2020  | 

The filters are par focal which is a great help. As with other Baader products I have they are of excellent quality, the results are superb.

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Great RGB Filters
30 April 2015  | 

I contemplated whether to buy Astrodon RGB filters or the Baader RGB filter for a while but am glad I settle on the Baader filters. My first image taken with the filters came out really well, despite the less than optimal weather conditions severely limiting the amount of exposures.

The previous reviewer said they used a light pollution filter in front of these. However, initial image results show little or no sign of light pollution effecting the images, which I am very pleased with since light pollution is quite bad where I live.

Couldn't be more pleased with these filters, great value for money and excellent filters.

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Fantastic quality and value!
21 August 2013  | 

I bought the LRGB 2" set and they are absolutely excellent - everything you expect from high-quality LRGB filters for imaging with monochrome CCD cameras. I use a Hutech IDAS LPS 2" filter in front of these to suppress light pollution and they work perfectly as well.

No internal reflections are produced by the LRGB filters themselves and the colour produced is remarkable and very well channel-balanced (though there is always a green colour cast to combined RGB images but this is easily removed in post-processing). The focal point is the same for all LRGB filters so you focus one, lock the focus and the rest are focused in the same level as well. As a note, I image unbinned (1x1) in L and 2x2 binned in RGB, all on the ATIK 383L+ CCD camera.


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