ScopeTech STL-80A Maxi 80mm F15 Classical Refractor
 ScopeTech STL-80A Maxi 80mm F15 Classical RefractorScopeTech STL-80A Maxi 80mm F15 Classical Refractor 

ScopeTech STL-80A Maxi 80mm F15 Classical Refractor

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Back to the Future:

Refractors have a well deserved reputation for high image quality, particularly with regards to image sharpness, contrast and definition. 

Newcomers to astronomy might be surprised to learn this reputation was earned not by todays modern short focal length ED and APO telescopes but by traditional long focal length Fraunhofer design Achromatic Refractors. For the latter half of the 20th century they were mostly manufactured in Japan and sold under a variety of different brands.

With their long focal ratios, typically F12-F15, they provided very high performance for the visual astronomer and, in smaller apertures, were almost entirely free of false colour. But in the late 1980s, their long slow focal ratios fell out of fashion and were replaced by compact apochromatic and fast Chinese-made achromatic refractors.

Unfortunately achromatic refractors of f10 or less are prone to chromatic aberrations and only work well at low to medium magnifications. Those wanting higher performance from a modern refractor will usually consider a medium to slow focal ratio ED doublet or faster triplet.

Fortunately, for discerning visual astronomers, there is an alternative.  

About this product

Model:  stl_80a_maxi
Part Number:  STL80AMAXI

The Scopetech STL-80A Maxi is a modern long focal length Achromatic refractor telescope manufactured in Tokyo, Japan. 

Some time ago the people at Scopetech found and restored an original 80mm F15 Fraunhofer refractor telescope. They were surprised to see how favourably the design compared to modern fast apochromatic refractors. Fortunately they also found and restored an original polishing tool so were able to manufacture and reintroduce this classic telescope to the modern market. 

Though traditional in appearance, the STL-80A Maxi is not an antique!  It combines classic design and polishing techniques with modern Japanese manufacturing so is light (2.1kg) and portable. It also features modern lens coatings and a decent 1.25" rack and pinion focuser.

Re-Introducing such a telescope has several advantages.

  • A long Focal Ratio Achromatic refractor exhibits much less chromatic aberration than their faster Achromatic counterparts and, most importantly, has less spherical aberration.
  • At F15 the optical collimation is stable and, unlike some faster Apochromatic designs, it retains its collimation over time and in cold conditions. 
  • It is cheaper to manufacture than a similar quality Apochromatic instrument.
  • The Glass types used are also stable and easier to polish.

During manufacture the inner surfaces of the telescope tube and lens edges are blackened to increase contrast and reduce ghosting. The main tube is also baffled and all air-to-glass surfaces feature HTM Multi Anti Reflection Coatings to enhance light transmission.

Under the night sky this traditional telescope delivers outstanding performance. In good seeing conditions it will handle surprisingly high magnifications, up to and beyond 3x the aperture in mm. I.e. 240x.

It is an excellent choice for relaxed grab-and-go astronomy and works well with a variety of mounts, including the Skywatcher AZ5, EQ3, EQ5, Televue Gibraltar, Rowan AZ100, etc. 

In todays world of CNC mass production it is refreshing to see a traditional Japanese-made instrument manufactured to a high standard.

Please note these F15 instruments are manufactured and imported in small numbers so if it isn't in stock please be prepared to wait a few weeks.

What's in the box

  • Telescope OTA
  • 6x30 Finderscope & Bracket
  • 1.25" Rack & Pinion Focuser with focus lock
  • Vixen-style dovetail Plate
  • Tube Rings 


  • 80mm F15 Optical Tube Assembly
  • 1200mm focal length
  • High quality Fraunhofer design
  • BK7/F2 air-spaced doublet optics
  • Multiple anti-reflection optical coatings. 
  • Optics with maximum transmittance 99.9% or more (one surface / actual measurement / d line 587nm average transmittance 400nm-700nm 99.8% or more)
  • OTA Weight 2.1kg (6x30 Finder and Tube Rings additional)
  • OTA length 125 cm

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