SharpStar 2032PNT f/3.2 Paraboloid Newtonian Reflecting Astrograph Telescope
SharpStar 2032PNT f/3.2 Paraboloid Newtonian Reflecting Astrograph TelescopeSharpStar 2032PNT f/3.2 Paraboloid Newtonian Reflecting Astrograph TelescopeSharpStar 2032PNT f/3.2 Paraboloid Newtonian Reflecting Astrograph Telescope
SharpStar 2032PNT f/3.2 Paraboloid Newtonian Reflecting Astrograph TelescopeSharpStar 2032PNT f/3.2 Paraboloid Newtonian Reflecting Astrograph TelescopeSharpStar 2032PNT f/3.2 Paraboloid Newtonian Reflecting Astrograph Telescope

SharpStar 2032PNT f/3.2 Paraboloid Newtonian Reflecting Astrograph Telescope

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About this product

Model:  sharpstar_2032pnt
Part Number:  2032PNT

Optical Bench Test

All SharpStar telescopes are tested in the UK on an optical bench. 

This ensures you can be confident your telescope will, from the outset, have well figured optics, negligible false colour and spherical aberration, and no astigmatism (the bane of any optical system!). Star shapes will be round, not triangular, oval or egg-shaped!

SharpStar 20032PNT Paraboloid Newtonian Astrograph

The SharpStar 20032PNT Paraboloid Newtonian Astrograph is a compact 200mm f/3.2 reflector using an innovative optical design and multiple precision elements to provide a 44mm image circle that fills 36mmx44mm full-frame sensors with an ultra wide 6 degree field of view. This is the ideal instrument for astrophotographers looking to capture wide field deep sky targets with a super fast optical system.

The fast f/3.2 focal ratio arises from the integration of an F3.8 200mm hyperbolic primary mirror with enhanced aluminium coatings with 96% reflectivity. This type of mirror  delivers reduced aberration and field curvature at the edge of the wide field of view. The large 90mm secondary mirror of short axis and a 3-inch four-element 0.85x error-correction mirror passes light through a three-element corrector lens to deliver a crisp, sharp, and bright image over the entire 44mm image circle with minimal chromatic aberration and outstanding field flatness and a focal ratio of F3.2.

The primary and secondary mirrors are all made with an aluminium reflective coating together with a protective coating for durability, reflectivity is better than 96%. The mirror cell also includes a fan for fast cooling and acclimatisation (power source sold separately).

A 3-inch geared focuser ensures smooth operation without slipping, even with relatively heavy loads. The end of the focuser includes M54×0.75 threads. The back focus is 55mm from the M48x0.75 threaded adapter so Nikon/Canon DSLRs will readily come to focus when used with a wide 48mm camera-specific T ring (not included).

The SharpStar 20032PNT is engineered and constructed to be durable for field use, yet portable and lightweight enough to make it easy to mount and handle. 

The20032PNT ships with a Losmandy style dovetail plate, an innovative and attractive carry handle on top, and a hard-sided carrying case.

The total weight of the SharpStar 20032PNT with all accessories is just 9.46kg (20.8 lbs), making it an ideal match for many medium-capacity portable equatorial mounts.


  • 200mm Aperture
  • f/3.8 / 760mm Native Focal Length / Ratio
  • f/3.2 / 640mm System Focal Length / Ratio (with integrated 0.85x reducer / corrector 
  • Paraboloid  Primary Mirror made from H-PZ33 Glass (Similar to Pyrex)
  • Integrated, four-element, air-spaced 0.85x reducer / corrector
  • 44mm Fully Illuminated Imaging Circle
  • 3.76º Field of View
  • Carbon Fibre Tube for Strength, Durability, Portability and Thermal Stability
  • All CNC Machined Aluminium Parts
  • Weighs less than 10kg fully loaded with dovetail / rings / handle!
  • 0.6 Arc Seconds Resolution
  • 2.5" R&P Precision Focuser with Exceptional Precision and Payload Capacity
  • 55mm Back Focus from Corrector

Telescope Field of View Simulator

Spot Diagram


What's in the box

  • SH20032PNT f/3.2 Optical Tube
  • CNC Tube Rings and Handle
  • 1.25" Eyepiece Adaptor
  • Losmandy Style Dovetail Plate
  • M54 x 0.75 Adaptor
  • M48 x 0.75 Adaptor


Model 20032PNT
Aperture 200mm
Native Focal Length / Ratio 760mm / f/3.8
Reduced Focal Length / Ratio 646mm / f/3.2
Primary Mirror Type Paraboloid
Mirror Material H-PZ33 (similar to Pyrex Glass)
Corrector Type 0.85x Air-Spaced Quartette
Short Axis Diameter of Secondary Mirror 90mm
Fully Illuminated Imaging Circle 44mm
Actual Field 3.76º
Main Tube Material Carbon Fiber
Main Tube Outer Diameter 280.5mm
Total Length of Telescope 633mm
Net Weight 8kg
Gross Weight 9.46kg (includes tube cap, handle, tube rings and dovetail plate)
Resolution 0.6 Arc Seconds
Focuser 3" R&P Precision Focuser
Visual Limiting Star Magnitude 13.2
Focal Plane (Back Focus) 55mm from M54 Thread
52mm from M48 Thread
Camera Connection M54 or M48


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30 January 2022  | 

I have been pondering over which OTA to buy for the last year, not many reviews on this scope but decided to take the plunge anyhow, what a wise decision, the build quality and engineering that has gone into this scope is excellent not to mention how pretty it looks. My 20032's predecessor was a SW200CF Quattro which I modified extensively all of which is already included with this model, for example, the cooling fan and heater (ok you have to install your own heater), the primary mirror mask to hide the clamps and stop those ugly dark diffraction spikes, I also leave the fan running during my imaging session and have noticed no change in my HFR on or off. The inside of the tube is completely flocked and velvety so no chance of any stray light, the 3" focuser is solid and I have not noticed any tilt distortion with different attitudes with my heavy mono imaging train, Camera, EFW and EAF. I usually collimate my fast newts with a Farpoint kit but was unable to use this with the 1.25" adapter, although I did try this just with the Farpoint laser and return to origin method, I pre-empted this and ordered an Ocal Electronic collimator at the same time and was hoping it would work through the Reducer/Corrector and my empty EFW as the Ocal and my Camera would be using the same M42 connection therefore eliminating any errors and yes it worked fine through all that glass, once the coll was set and fine tuned with the coll locking screws first light was OK and highlighted that my 55mm BF was slightly off, this was corrected with a 1mm spacer which delivered a very flat field as verified with CCD Inspector, another plus was that I noticed my EFW would eventually clash with the mount I therefore had to rotate the focuser through 90 degrees (slacken off the three equidistant screws on the focuser body and retighten when done) which annoyed me as I thought this would certainly throw off my coll, but no it was still spot on which is a testament to the build quality of this scope, looking forward to many imaging sessions with the Sharpstar, clouds permitting. Regards Steve.


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