ADM Dual Saddle Upgrade for HEQ5, NEQ6, AZ-EQ6-GT, AVX & ZEQ/iOptron

ADM Dual Saddle Upgrade for HEQ5, NEQ6, AZ-EQ6-GT, AVX & ZEQ/iOptron

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About this product

Model:  adm_eq6_saddle_adapter_losmandy_vixen-1
Part Number:  DUAL-HEQ5

The original and BEST dual saddle. 

Price includes a CNC machined and anodised 'puck' for quick and easy connection to your mount. 

Replace your standard Sky-Watcher HEQ5, EQ6/NEQ6, AZ-EQ6-GT or Celestron AVX saddle with a dual-saddle device that enables both the popular Vixen (Sky-Watcher/Celestron) and Losmandy type dovetails to be mounted directly to the mount.  

Manufactured from premium quality black-anodised 6061 Aluminium and stainless steel. 

Long split clamp design provides an extremely solid locking surface with maximum contact along the entire length of the saddle.

Stainless steel guide pins and spring-loaded design maintains the proper dovetail angles.  


adm dual saddle detail


Price includes a mounting puck so fitting the saddle is a two-minute job: Remove the Allen screws just underneath the original saddle, lift the saddle off, put the new one on then re-fit and tighten the screws - easy!

Note 1: Not suitable for EQ6 mounts purchased before September 2008. 

Note 2: Saddle supplied will have two or four four holes, depending on the mount selected. 

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Worth the upgrade
19 February 2023  | 

This saddle is great. Solid, reliable, smooth and easy to operate with gloves (which is always a plus!).
Big step-up from the stock one.

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Saddle for AVX Mount. Not the quality I expect from ADM
17 December 2022  | 

I recently purchased a saddle for my AVX mount having bought one previously for an HEQ5 and being impressed with the quality. As usual first class service from FLO
The AVX one however has a couple of issues.
Firstly, like others, it locked the Dec axis up when the bolts were tightened. A bit of investigation with a vernier revealed that the puck, from the inside dec mating face to the end, was approx 1.5mm too long and that was clamping up against the fixed face on the mount. I see that others have fitted a couple of washers behind the puck but this is not ideal, plus I had no suitable washers.
I decided to take the excess material off the end instead and once this was done it was fine. Somebody at ADM needs to get hold of a vernier and check a few AVX mounts and then modify the puck drawing. I think with around 1.8mm off the end it would fit them all without recourse to washers or a file.
Another issue is that one of the dowels in the sliding part is not parallel to the sliding direction. Its not much but I think it's leading to the unclamping not being smooth, one end or the other sticks. The springs want to push the slide straight out but the dowel being on a slight angle is fighting against it. There's enough movement to get the dovetail in and out though so I can live with that.
Lastly one of the clamping screws when unscrewed fully actually stays in the main part of the dovetail. The knob screws off the end leaving the stud in place. It needs a little help from pliers to remove it. I think the tapped hole is a bit tight. The other knob is fine, it comes out with screw and knob in one piece. Again it's not going to be a major issue for me but I expected better.
It's a lot of money to pay for something that requires a bit of fettling before it fits as it should. The one I previously purchased for my HEQ5 went straight on and does not exhibit either of the other issues.
ADM Quality Control......must try harder.

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Fantastic upgrade for the Celestron AVX mount
27 September 2022  | 

As Usual the ADM quality is excellent. I love the oversized locking knobs - in orange ! Very easy to grip in the dark and cold.
The dual saddle arrived well packaged and quickly. With easy to follow instructions on how to replace the saddle included.
The only issue I had were that the 4 Allen key bolts that hold the original saddle were super tight. I used a socket wrench for plenty of leverage. Be careful though, to much force could cause issues I suspect.

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23 August 2022  | 


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Looks and works great, but I had problems caused by the AVX.
14 July 2022  | 

This is a vast improvement over the AVX saddle, no more destroyed dovetail bars, very tidy engineering, and finish!

I had some fitting issues, caused by the mount, not the fault of the ADM saddle, most AVX mounts seem to be ok, but I had one with a problem, the symptoms and fix are below:

On first fitting the dec axis would lock up as I tightened the puck bolts, the solution I eventually found, is to slacken off/adjust the nut under the counter weight bar. There are two set screws to loosen a couple of turns, a 1/16 (1.5mm) allen key fits. Now undo the nut about one turn, now fit the puck and tighten the bolts, return to the nut and adjust so the dec axis can rotate without too much play, and re-tighten the set screws.

This may cause the counter weight bar lock nut to now come into contact with the dec casting, and lock everything again, the solution is to fit 16x26mm washers in that nut to space it back from the casting, 3 or 5mm or so.

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MUCH better than the standard AZEQ6 saddle
10 March 2022  | 

I was always concerned about my AZEQ6 standard saddle - the quality of the saddle and bolts just seemed nasty. Having looked at alternatives I decided to got for the ADM upgrade. Service from FLO was quick and efficient and it took me only 20 mins to perform the swap over. The machining of the ADM saddle and bolts are superb and now I can mount whatever OTA and imaging train without concern - balancing is also a LOT easier and gives confidence when making small adjustments

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If anyone hasn't upgraded to this yet, please read!
10 February 2022  | 

The holes on the new AZ-EQ6 Pro suddenly stripped while I was fitting my Esprit 100ED on an ADM D plate.

The stock saddle was always terrible, and sliding the OTA for balance was always a difficult process.

I contacted FLO for help, and they were very helpful, as always.

Saddle and puck arrived in 24 hours, and its NIGHT & DAY!! I wonder why I did not buy this earlier. The best 135 I spend on this hobby!

The machining and fit is EXCELLENT, and balancing could not be easier. The knobs lock and unlock with minimal effort.

And most importantly, FLO's service and quick delivery was excellent!

Thanks Steve and FLO team

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A Very Worthwhile Upgrade
02 November 2021  | 

Replacement for the stock saddle on my AVX. Worlds apart in terms of quality and features. Very easy to change over the saddle, no more screws marks on the dovetails.

As ever, first rate service from FLO, minor query sorted out quickly and efficiently.

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Good stuff.
23 August 2021  | 

Nice fit, easy to mount and even the color is matched.

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ADM Dual Saddle Plate for an AVX Mount
22 June 2021  | 

I bought this as upgrade for my Celestron AVX mount, as I now have a couple of telescopes with Losmandy dovetails.
It is extremely well made and easy to fit. The colours also match the AVX mounts black and orange which is nice

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