Sky-Watcher Polar Illuminator
 Sky-Watcher Polar IlluminatorSky-Watcher Polar Illuminator 

Sky-Watcher Polar Illuminator

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About this product

Model:  sw_polar_illuminator
Part Number:  20501

This battery operated LED illuminator easily attaches to the exit hole of the polar axis bore of Sky-Watcher EQ3-2 and EQ5 and Celestron CG-5 and AVX and CGEM Equatorial Mounts.

Provides illumination to the polarscope reticule. A useful aid to the polar alignment procedure.

Adjustable light intensity.

Includes 1x CR2032 battery. 

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Nearly perfect
12 September 2022  | 

Works brilliantly, a dull red glow which can be dimmed.. Only reason I gave it four stars, the cap which holds in the button battery is the on off switch, unscrewing it enough to turn it off only leaves about an eight of a turn before it falls off. I have been taking the cover off completely and putting a bit of paper between the contacts when not in use.

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Sky-Watcher Polar Illuminator
29 August 2022  | 

I have considered and in fact made Polar illuminators for my previous setups, but in the end this one beats what I've come up with in every respect.
Why this manufacturer of Telescope Mounts does not include a built-in Polar Illuminator when it's needed is a mystery; until they do, This is the perfect solution at a good price.

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Does the job!
05 May 2022  | 

I bought this anyway, in full awareness of the gripes others have mentioned. This solves a problem. It fits very nicely onto my EQ-5, and illuminates the reticle so I can see it and Polaris at the same time. When allied with the PS Align app, it helps make alignment so easy! Constructive criticism: it could do with a switch as screwing and unscrewing the lid before and after use is a bit of a pain, but other then that, fine. Recommended!

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Does the job but a bit fiddly to work with.
17 January 2022  | 

It achieves what it's meant to do, and that's not really asking a lot, a feint but adjustable bit of illumination for a polarscope. But I do think someone could have given it a bit more TLC in the design department. For a start it does slot in to my EQ35 easily enough but the tension in the plastic clips that keeps it on is a bit hit and miss if you're not careful it will pop off, infact fly off with vigour! I fixed this by just putting an elastic band around the declanation axis that keeps it in place. The other slightly annoying thing is there's no real on or off switch, there is a Min/Max adjuster but no real on or off so you have to carefully unscrew the button cell battery cap till it no longer makes contact, again it's just a bit poorly thought out. But it does what it does and I'm glad I bought it. Again the same usual efficient service from FLO.

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A bit dim on EQ3-2
21 April 2020  | 

I got one of these with my Star Adventurer Pro and it works a treat on that (5 stars), but is very dim on my EQ3-2 mount, I can barely see the red light even with a new battery. Bit of a shame because having the reticle illuminated (and without having to hold a torch over the hole) makes like *so* much easier.

Note that there isn't an off switch, even turned to min brightness it still glows very slightly, so to save battery unscrew the cap between use.

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Does the job but flimsy and poorly made
27 September 2018  | 

Functions ok but the quality of production is very poor.
Cheap and nasty feel and function. Poor switches BUT it does illuminate the polariscope well enough.

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28 April 2018  | 

Originally got one of these for my EQ5 makes illuminating polarscope reticle a breeze adjustable glow ,i now use on my Eq6 pro as the one that is on mount is not very bright fits a treat and battery changed easily would recommend .

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Polar scope illuminator
15 February 2018  | 

These aren't available in the US, but after I got it, WOW, I'm wondering why I waited so long...
It makes alignment a breeze.

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Nice gadget.
01 February 2015  | 

Fits my cg5 mount but it would be good to have a closing cap. Very faint red light but it's ok.



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Q1. Is there an on/off switch or does the dimmer do the same?

There isnít a separate on/off switch, when the dimmer is set to the lowest position the light is off and the battery isnít being used.

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