Sky-Watcher SynScan StarWand
 Sky-Watcher SynScan StarWandSky-Watcher SynScan StarWand 

Sky-Watcher SynScan StarWand

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Model:  sw_synscan_starwand
Part Number:  20990

Sky-Watcher's unique StarWand pointing device is supplied with a Wi-Fi Adaptor that plugs into a Synscan handset. 

After alignment, simply point the StarWand's <1 mW laser anywhere in the night sky then, using motion sensor technology, the StarWand instructs a Synscan AZ, EQ or AZ-EQ mount (with a Synscan handset fitted) to automatically slew to that position. 

From that approximate point, the user can then make slewing adjustments using the handsets controls to locate and centre the desired object. 

Works with Synscan V3, V4 and V5 handsets (V3/V4 firmware updates may be required). 

Requires 1 x 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery (not supplied). 

Class 2 Laser Product. 

NOTE: The Sky-watcher StarWand WiFi adaptor is different to the regular Sky-Watcher SynScan WiFi Adapter. 

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