Sky-Watcher Counterweights

Sky-Watcher Counterweights

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Spare Counterweights for Sky-Watcher mounts.

The photo shows a 5 kg counterweight. 

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Very useful for smaller telescopes
06 January 2024  | 

My eq 6 pro counterweights of over 5kg per counterweight was simply too much for my current telescope.
These weights will allow you to balance your smaller rigs with ease!
I had really hard time trying to find these weights and as usual FLO came to the rescue!
Definitely my favourite shop.
Quick delivery, not too pricey.
Simply couldn't ask for more.

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Sky watcher counter weight
20 May 2023  | 


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Weighty matters
18 March 2023  | 

I have had many exciting products from FLO but (as might be expected) 5Kg of metal is hard to describe as one of these. On the upside, FLO were their usual mega-efficient self in delivering the counterweight just a day or so after it had been ordered, and the weight is a perfect match for the SW AZ-EQ6 mount. On the downside, 58.00 (delivered) seems an awful lot of money for what is essentially a piece of steel with a hole in the middle!

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Versatile Counterweights
22 September 2022  | 

I needed a light counterweight for use with the EQ6-R mount because the payload consisted of only a DSLR, 200mm lens and a dew heater. The 5Kg standard weights supplied with the EQ6 are too heavy to achieve balance with such a light payload.. The 1.8 and 3.4Kg duo provide a useful if not vital addition to the toolbox for the more tricky payload combinations which may be encountered. Quality manufactured and finished and of course matching the 5Kg standard EQ6-R weights. 5 stars for this product and 5 stars for First Light Optics for suggesting the idea.

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Does its job.
24 January 2022  | 

Solid lump, weighed in at 5.2kg. So happy I've bought another 2.

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Weight issue
27 October 2021  | 

I have been asked for a review of the counterweight I recently purchased from FLO for the SkyWatcher EQ6-R Pro goto mount. Well, the counterweight itself is a beautifully made lump of steel (or whatever it is), does what it says it will do - ie counterweigh the 'scope you put on the mount. However, I do have a point to make about weight issues, in particular the one I have come up against. The EQ6 has a manufacturer's limit of 20Kg (44lbs). The 'scope I have purchased weights 35lbs. Yet with nothing added to it, it will not balance in RA. I know SkyWatcher cannot be held responsible for what I might stick on my mount, but I do feel that, for the sake of a few extra s (18 at FLO, but due to supply issues I had to source one on eBay, which cost 30) - a short extension to the counterweight bar could have been included in the package for those whose 'scopes weight more than a nominal amount, and for which the two supplied counterweights would be adequate. Even the small William Optics wedge that I bought for an earlier set-up (with an iOptron SkyGuider Pro) came with a c/w extension.

Since supply problems at FLO (for an adaptor) mean I still can't attach my camera to the 10" RC reflector I'll be using, it means I still can't set up the system and test balance (I'm still waiting for the extension bar, due today). However, using two old 5Kg weightlifting weights rescued from a skip I can estimate that with the original c/w bar, I'm still short by 1.2 Kg (using a hand-held luggage weighing device with the 'scope at 90 degrees from the vertical). So with the original c/w bar, even 25Kgs of weights cannot balance a 17Kg load. This probably means that I'll be having to purchase yet another weight, making an additional outlay of 100 I hadn't bargained for (plus the extension bar). Unfortunately, the scrap weights do not have any means of being locked in place, so they cannot be used in practice.

Sorry for the moan, but I do think some reference might have been made somewhere about the likely additional costs for what is possibly a fairly common problem: "If your 'scope weighs x, you might need to consider y additional counterweights, especially when you add guide 'scope, camera, other items, etc... But fear not, an extension bar has been included for your convenience." !

Advice from Alex, and the service from FLO in general has been first class, so they are, of course, my supplier of choice. But I hope SkyWatcher see this and consider adding the bar to their kits - it would save users a lot of hassle. If the three SkyWatcher weights I now have, plus the extension c/w bar, do the job, I'll post an update to this review. Thanks.

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05 June 2020  | 

Excellent as always!

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Counter-weight for EQ6
03 May 2020  | 

Ordered on-line. Paid extra for Saturday delivery but it got delivered on Monday which was a bit inconvenient but I suppose that's not too much to grumble about.


Unfortunately at this time Saturday delivery is not always possible in certain areas. We will arrange to have the additional Saturday Delivery charge refunded.

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An Extra Counterweight Helps Me With 254mm Quattro/ZWO Camera/Guide Scope Balancing on AZ EQ6 GT
16 January 2019  | 

Quick delivery, and normal excellent service from FLO. Thanks folks.

An extra weight has helped me to get balance, closer to the mount. Already noticed an improvement in imaging consistency. Recommended.

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Additional weight
08 November 2018  | 

Decided to order an additional counter-weight for my EQ6-R Pro, as I have seen a few discussions about having more weight nearer the mount, rather than having it down the shaft. This meant I could remove the extension bar, which keeps knocking into things when slewing if I'm not careful. I pinged a question to FLO as my mount isn't listed on the page. Martin replied very quickly so I placed my order which arrived 2 days later, great service yet again.

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Q1. What is the hole diameter on these counterweights?

Diameters are as follows and will match a shaft with matching diameter:

20mm diameter
- 1.8 & 3.4kg for EQ3, Skytee-II

18mm diameter
- 5kg EQ5/EQ5-GT, HEQ5, NEQ6, EQ6R

25mm diameter
- 5kg for AZ EQ6-GT

31.5mm diameter
- 10kg for EQ8