Sky-Watcher EQ6 Extension Tube for NEQ6 / EQ6-R / AZ-EQ6

Sky-Watcher EQ6 Extension Tube for NEQ6 / EQ6-R / AZ-EQ6

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Model:  eq6-extension-tube-20857
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The extension tube extends the height of the NEQ6 / EQ6-R / AZ-EQ6 mount by 8" so is a popular choice with owners of long-tube refractor telescopes as it places the eyepiece at a more comfortable height and prevents the telescope hitting a tripod leg.

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Does what it supposed to
Tuesday, 8 June 2021  | 

I recently bought an AZ-EQ6, it's a great mount. I use a 905mm focal length refractor and with the flattener and camera it is bound to foul on the legs. of the tripod. The pier extension fixes this by raising everything up by just enough to allow for stress free unattended imaging.

Now here's a point to note. Skywatcher appear to have made a design change. The black plastic section that mates with the tripod is now fitted with a lip and a rubberised base. meaning it inserts the other way around. This appears to be to address rotation issues. The disconcerting element of the change is the insert that previously fitted inside the hole in the tripod is now on the other side. This means you only have 4-5 turns of the securing bolt (as opposed to many). However the mount is secure and operates fine under load. Obviously there is less screw securing the the pier than there would be the mount.

The grippier base and elimination of metal to metal contact does seem to be secure and I have not had issues with rotation of the extension. The bolt holes are machined and positioned correct and I am not experiencing an wobble.

Overall this is a simple solution to anyone using a longer scope or simply needing some extra elevation. At heart it's a steel tube with some holes machined in it. So while it lacks the excitement of a RASA or a CMOS camera.... It does what it's supposed to!

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Shorter than I was expecting!
Thursday, 3 June 2021  | 

Not really but is shorter than the eq5sí pillar. Once everything really tightened is stable enough, the pad on the bottom surface grips well so not noticed any slippage in use. One small negative, one of the holes was slightly off so took some jiggling and one bolt had to go in at a slight angle to grip the head piece, but did grip in the end, bolt heads do seem a little bit on the small side but explains why the 6 holes are on the larger size!! Great service from FLO -many thanks

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Works well
Monday, 14 September 2020  | 

Works well and to its purpose. Of course more length to the pier reduces stability, but that is what to expect.

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Skywatcher Tripod Pier Extension Tube
Tuesday, 4 August 2020  | 

Like others I did experience slight twisting of the pier at the lower tripod head end once the mount was placed on the top but found with the weight of the mount I was also able to crank the lower securing bolt, using a piece of rag for extra grip, a little further which totally eliminated this issue. Some of the bolt holes as reported before were out but didn't affect boltinf the end pieces on. Nice white powder coating, item is quite heavy and robust which is great. I bought some Neoprene gasket material to make some joint seals but don't think I will need it after all. Good price, delivery was quick but with the price of the delivery I would fully expect that anyway! A good addition, great for raising the mount for me as I use it with an FS128 Tak Apo refractor which can be quite awkward when observing near or at the zenith.

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Sorting the Extension Tube Rotation Issue...
Saturday, 23 November 2019  | 

I sorted the extension tube rotation issue by buying 2 x 200mm square sheets of neoprene rubber from Amazon one 2mm thick the other 3mm thick. From the 3mm thick sheet I cut two washers with on OD of 64mm and an ID of 32mm these are then placed or glued into the recess on the tripod top plate. From the 2mm thick sheet I cut one washer with an OD of 94mm and an ID of 32mm this can be placed under or glued to the black plate at the bottom of the extension tube. Before use roughen all the washers on both sides with sand paper. Cutting the washers from the neoprene sheet is easiest using a pair of engineers dividers initially (sharpen the points before use if necessary) and a craft knife. After this no more accidental rotation; an easy fix that took no more than one hour and that Skywatcher could/should have included especially in conjunction with the EQ6-R.

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Badly Designed
Monday, 28 October 2019  | 

There are two really annoying design faults with this product.

- the extension fastens to the NEQ6 mount with three (M5?) allen bolts. The holes in the tube are about 7.5mm, so lots of play, and the only thing stopping the mount rocking around on the extension tube is the pressure on the tiny heads of the Allen bolts. In practice I have found the mount rocking on the extension - the German EQ mount is inherently unbalanced on the N-S axis even without a scope. With a scope there is a lot of torque on that axis.

My solution? Haven't got one yet. One option would be larger bolts with holes in the extension drilled to fit the bolts, and tap new larger holes in the base of the mount. Potential butchery ... Another would be sleeves for the current bolts, which would be easy if I was a machinist. I'm not. A mess of washers and lock washers perhaps?

The second issue is the free rotation of the tube on the tripod. I use two sanding disks glued back-to-back as a friction washer. It works, but it is just another annoying thing when I'm positioning the mount on the tripod.

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Does the Job but Design Debate Still Going On
Monday, 7 October 2019  | 

Delivery was fine, and the webpage video provided all the basic assembly instructions.

Assembly was straightforward, although when the head was placed on the extension, it seemed that the alignment of the top holes was perhaps about 1mm "out". Despite this, securing and tightening of all the threaded bolts was straightforward.

After full tightening, I did find, like another reviewer here, that when some lateral force was applied to the mount, it was possible to rotate the extension assembly. This was with no counterweights or telescope on the rig. Because of rain, I have not got much further in assessing whether this residual "slippage" will still be there when the rig is fully loaded. If this proves to be the case, then I'll try the suggestion of adding a rubber disc to increase contact surface area between the original head and the extension mating.

I run Newtonians, and like refractor owners, I find that if I image well past the meridian, a point is reached where the rear of the 'scope impacts the tripod leg as the mount tracks the sky. The extension will sort this out for me, I think.

Recommended, as long as the residual slippage is minimised.

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Design could be improved
Tuesday, 30 July 2019  | 

Overall, I'm very pleased with the product which seems to work fine.
Gave it 4 stars and not 5 because I think the design could be improved. The bottom of the extension (the circular disk inside the tube) attaches to the existing tripod/pier head using the main central bolt only. The extension tube bolts to this disk in 3 places, which is very secure, but there is nothing to stop the extension rotating around the central bolt. Even when tightened fully, it's still possible to twist the extension slightly if the EQ6 head is knocked. Following recommendation from another user who had the same issue, I put a rubber disk between the existing head and the disk inside the extension tube to increase the contact area and increase grip, to reduce the likelihood of the tube rotating if knocked.
The design could be improved by the manufacturer fitting a pin or bolt to attach the disk to the mount head to prevent twisting.

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Sky-Watcher EQ6 Extension Tube for NEQ6 / EQ6-R / AZ-EQ6
Tuesday, 2 April 2019  | 

Nicely made and it feels solid and gives extra height so I can fit my esprit 150 telescope and not to worry that the telescope might hit the tripod legs, very easy to fit!

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EQ6 Extension Tube
Thursday, 20 October 2011  | 

Great bit of kit, might sound expensive but has cast heavy duty tube nicely powder coated in a texture finish, cast head, again coated and robust, has bearings and everything needed to attach between mount and tripod, no wobbles and vibration.. .. usage stops the scope from clanging into the tripod legs.. great for imaging when a camera is at the end of a refractor..and observing without getting wet knees ..


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Q1. Can I use the Skywatcher EQ6 Extension Tube with an AZ EQ6 GT?

Yes, the Az EQ6 has the same mount fitting as the EQ6, the extension will fit nicely.

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