Sky-Watcher Pillar Mount

Sky-Watcher Pillar Mount

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About this product

Model:  pillarheq5eq6-1
Part Number:  20888

This sturdy Pillar Mount Support replaces the supplied field tripod. 

Please select your mount from the options list. 

Includes casters for easy manoeuvrability. 


Height: 81cm
Foot length: 42cm
Pier diameter: approx 10 cm
Pier weight (without feet): 10.7kg
Total weight: 18.3kg

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Pillar mount for Skywatcher EQ5 mount
20 January 2023  | 

Very substantial well made mount. A bit tricky to assemble after unpacking but I am very pleased with it.. Also impressed by First Light Optics very speedy service and delivery.

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Skywatcher EQ6-R Pier
30 June 2022  | 

This was just what I needed. The EQ6-Pro is a heavy mount, and not having a permanent observatory meant tearing down the rig every time I used it. I can now wheel the rig easily from a secure shed, into position within seconds. This will make a big difference to my use and enjoyment of the system. A very good buy!

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Strong and Sturdy
13 December 2021  | 

My husband bought me this last week as I was damaging my arms trying to lift my HEQ5 pro Mount around the garden. I can honestly say this portable pier makes a huge difference. I’m a small person lol and I think it weighs more than me haha. Seriously though, it was a bit fidgety to get the base together but once my husband did that, the rest was easy. It now glides about the patio and garden with ease and once I find my position I lock the stops down and it doesn’t move. Great for anyone with a heavy Mount that has to move it around. I live beside a main road so I can’t leave the Mount in an open area where it can be stolen so this was the best option. Highly recommend it.

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Pillar mount with wheels and hieght adjustment bolts
19 October 2021  | 

Bearing in mind this item took almost 4 months to arrive at time of writing since ordering in early July, make allowance in your planning if you're thinking of buying one. However FLO are very supportive throughout the waiting period.
The mount came in two cardboard boxes lined, fortunately with thick polystyrene molding supports as there was some evidence of rough handling by various shippers/handlers on its way to me.
Inside there are no evidence of supporting documents, ie parts list and assembly instructions. NB I nearly threw away the x2 allen keys inside the packaging materials.
The parts are heavy in particular the main tube. Assembly is a little awkward and clumsy and not altogether self intuitive. I'm still unsure how to attatch my NEQ6 Pro when the time comes, so may refer to good old Youtube as is becoming the norm with astronomical equipment.
It is very solid and sturdy. I am hoping it will suit the 'roll in-roll out shed I am building to house my built up telescope using the built in wheels for much quicker, with less effort, setting up and stowing away at the end of the evening's astro-photography session.

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Good sturdy mount
16 August 2021  | 

Its a good solid affair with large knurled "nuts" easily tighened by hand to lock the levelling screws.
With a little help from an engineer friend I now have my CEM40 mount fitted on top.
I can now cover it with a telegizmo cover and leave it polar aligned from session to session.

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Sky Watcher pillar mount
09 November 2020  | 

As usual great speedy service asembly a little fiddly but no problem when tightened up realy solid
going to change bolts on the top with stainless steel knurled bolts tomake it easier to lift equatorial head off
I can then cover pillarand take head into house for safety
Thanks FLO

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Great mount
18 May 2020  | 

This is a solid and wonderful mount.
This rolling pillar is Heavy duty and the wheels rollers great.
Easy to set
Easy to move
Prefect for the backyard astronomer who has to move there mount.

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Rock solid
18 April 2020  | 

Placed an order for the EQ6R version and it arrived two days later despite the covid19 lock down.

The delivery was made up of two separate boxes. The first contained the central pillar and the second held the three legs. There were no instructions on how to construct the mount but with just three bolts and three legs it was fairly obvious. Don’t let the lack of instructions phase you, after all as my wife says “you never read them anyway”.

The central pillar is as hoped a fairly hefty tube that certainly looks like it will hold the head of an EQ6R. The legs as well are very robust, however, first impressions were they looked short and I had concerns over stability. As documented here and on Stargazers Lounge a second pair of hands does come in handing but Mrs H wasn’t playing ball so very carefully I pieced the legs together with the central pillar in place and tightened the large bolts that hold it all together.

I initially levelled the pillar using the leg adjusters then attached the EQ6R. A minor tweak to centre the bubble level on the EQ6R was required then I attached my William Optics Z103 with guidescope, flattener, filter wheel camera and motor focuser........and the mount was rock solid. 😊

Stripping the scope and attachments off the mount, I then had the joy of just raising the support feet and rolling the mount back to the garage (if you’ve ever had to carry and EQ6R and tripod back inside then you know how heavy it is). Being able to roll it back inside was a big plus.

One slight downside is it appears ‘short’ on height compared to the tripod. An extension is available but as I plan to just use mine for imaging that isn’t an issue. For visual observers they may wish to consider the extension.

Overall I am very happy with the purchase and the worry about the length of the legs was nothing to worry about at all.

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Sturdy pillar
27 May 2019  | 

I have now secured the pillar legs to my patio, before that I was using it with wheels and the leveller feet. In both instances I have able to a good drift alignment and tracking. I am very pleased with pillar. It sturdy and has reduced my set up time as I now leave the HEQ5 mount attached.

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Excellent !
13 April 2019  | 

This Mount is really great. It took awhile to put together but only because I had to do it on my own. That said, it's incredibly stable (total weight with head attached is 15k) and easily moveable. Reduces wobble I had with the EQ5 tripod and allows me to point my Sky-Watcher 200p straight up without a tripod leg getting in the way and having to put the tube out of balance to do so. My only niggle is there is no accessory tray for the eyepieces. At £199 this is the best price I found anywhere. Highly recommended for anyone with an EQ5 mount. First rate bit of kit.


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